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Its my fault but may gm help me.


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Before 6mounths my necro was blocked becouse i wanted trade it. Its my fault that it got block, i tought my lesson never sell ortrade accounts again. I tryed 1000 times sent ticket to technical support to say that im sorry that i did and ask for last chance to unblock my account. Soo i want ask gm here for help. I really want play warspear, meet friends again, but i cant becouse my account blocked. I spend on that account real money to buy mcoins and now i thinking that all my money, time was wasted.


Please GM if u read this help me unblock account for the last time, i never broke rules again and NEVER SELL OR TRADE accounts again. I guess i never have chance to connect to my account again. :( I think its time to stop play and think about warspear.


Sorry for marks i bad on speaking or writing english.


Please help me.


P.s if need more information i can type somethere.


Thank You.

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