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Invincible King


Many secrets remain uncovered across Arinar, but one of them recently came to light in the deserts of Almahad. As adventurers continue to pursue the path of greatness and glory, a brave blade dancer stumbled upon this hidden secret that happens to be a source of immense strength and magic. No, it is not a weapon. 

It is the royal garb of a deceased king consisting of a velvet burgundy cloak, a bejeweled crown and velvet brown robes. Legends say that there was an indomitable king who ruled Arinar with only a handful of army at his side, and yet never lost a war. How? Well, the secret to his consecutive victories was his ordinary-looking, enchanted royal garb that blessed him with the strength of a hundred men besides phenomenal amount of magic. But once the king passed away, his garb was cast away into a cave as per his orders, for he didn't wish to pass them on into any wrong hands. 

But now the secret has been discovered, and unfortunately, nobody possesses the slightest idea of the truth of this ordinary-looking, antique garb that can make anyone who puts them on an invincible king!










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