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Almahad Assassin Dynamics (Work in progress)


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I'm Noro and I been exploring the desert island to find out every dynamic that exist and how to activate them .

This is still too early and most of what i write is speculation but it's better to have more ppl to help than doing it myself so here is my knowledge about them!The one's that are speculation will be marked with question mark. if you know more about them let me know down in comments.


Desert Gang Extermination



Duration: 24h

Cooldown: 0h

Activation: Always on

Task:  Kill  mobs in area to spawn mini bosses and kill 2 of them to access the tent where final boss is

Access: from finishing story quests

Notes: This dynamic is reseted with daily quest and have 3 entrances which lead to the same boss.


Power and Freedom



Duration: 3h 

Cooldown: 1h 

Activation: automatically after cd

Task : Kill 15 scorpions and boss 

Access: from finishing story quests


Poisonous Research



Duration: 24h

Cooldown: 0h

Activation:  always on

Task: Finish research by getting items and fight a boss 

Access : from finishing story quests 


Fallen Comrades



Duration: 1h 30min

Cooldown: 1h 30min

Activation: In the 2 areas there will be mob 12k hp walking on road killing him will activate dynamic

Task: Collect 10tokens and hand it to npc

Access: Experienced assassin 


Treasure of Ancient Kings



Duration: 1h 30m

Cooldown: 2h?

Activation: upon entering after cooldown

Access: novice assassin

Task: Collect 3 relics

Notes:  this dynamic is inside building   


Scorpion Relic



Duration: ?

Cooldown: ?

Activation: ?

Access: Experienced assassin 

Notes: This one is known from announcement but that's only location , never saw it either in test or real server (eu) active


Help for the Rebels



Duration: 1h 30m

Cooldown: 2h?

Activation: killing sand spirit?

Access: Novice assassin 

Task: collect 3 different supplies 

Notes:  Metal in down right corner after killing  mobs (12k hp), supplies in down left  corner after killing the squad,  water in mid left after killing the squad.


PS. Adventure side i add later but they are similar just different tasks but activation conditions should be same? not sure


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