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make skills look better


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most of the skills look damn ugly, might i suggest spending more time on their appearences?



lightning bolt for druid:  :shok:




Shield strike for barb: :shok:




Necromancer Ancient Seal: :shok:




Priest Heal Skill:




DeathKnight Saturation: :shok:


Rogues Poison Blades: :shok:




Shaman Ball Lightning: :shok:




































all i have for now :spiteful:



and yes, ik these are from maplestory, BUT DAMN THEY LOOK COOL, warspear can atleast try harder to make their skills more intensive like these :shok:

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They looks pretty cool!

But devs stated before that they're not planning any graphics modifications for now.

So maybe in future,But the one you've posted are at very high resolution and its impossible to add same into game.


Still i liked them!!

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I don't even...

Ehm, how to explain, do you understand what does "graphics engine" mean?

These effects are not "ugly", because we want them to be this way, it's because our engine works this way. Even resolution of your examples is ridiculous, I think it's obvious.

And it's obviously impossible to make such "effects", sorry.

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