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Charmer blessing rework


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Charmer as a support needs to have some kind of buff, since every supportive skill it has works only for 1 person unlike every other support class. For example shaman has cd/mana regen buff , necromancer and priest have dmg buff and druid can give penetration for whole party.


Sentinels have significantly more whole party buffs compared to Legion. In sentinel side there is paladin, which increased defence , priest that gives dmg, druid with penetration buff and templar which has a statue that decreases dmg taken for whole party in that statues range. Legion Only has necromancer with dmg buff and shaman with cd/ mana regen buff. 


Nowadays support class main job in dungeons is to buff team mates, and dont need focus healing that much since in Pve situations most players have high lifesteal parameter, so charmer as a support class is often overlooked when making party for dungeons. 


My suggestion is to rework Otherworldly blessing a bit so that when its used it would apply buff for whole pt instead of one target and the charmer himself. That would increase support charmers buffing capabilities enough to get invited in dungeon parties. 


Also physical build dmg charmer has been nerfed so much that it cant be count as dmg class anymore, so maybe by making this little adjustment charmer could be useful in some way again. :) 



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