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quest berengar's tower



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Please use the search function next time, your question has been asked multiple times and the answers are out there. :)

( The search bar can be found on the top right of each page ).



> Finish the Irselnort quest line. ( Shadows being the last boss of that quest line )


> Finish the chainless league reputation quest line.


> Finish the Norlant swamp main quest line



You can get the following quests after finishing all towns quests at Irselnort: Norlant Swamps, Echo of Centuries, Vitold's Pain and Ravva's Power. Naturally, you'll have to accept them in order to complete the quests.NORLANT SWAMPSYou can get this quest with NPC Helg/NPC Rolu-Arhn at T5, he is going to ask you to talk with NPC Busiris/NPC Faviy at Norlant Swamps.Pretty simple. You just have to run around and find the NPCs.




m8px76.pngAfter talking with NPC Busiris/NPC Faviy, you have to find Vitold in the following map using the teleports.




2zxp2ms.pngMore running around, you must find your way to Kotaravva and talk with NPC Kepala.




Kepala will ask you to find the Valariya's Diadem, it is at the top right corner in Hydra map. After touching it, you'll have to go back to Zenneth-Haf and talk to Busiris/Faviy, and he will send you back to NPC Helg/NPC Rolu-Arhn at T5.




The main NPC in town 5 will then direct you to the bg tower quest line starting with the gatekeeper.


Any further questions in regards to this? Ask away.

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