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[2014.08.28] Game servers stop!

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Hello there, dear players!


Today 28/08/2014 at 13:00 CET game servers will be stopped due to the 4.2 update.

Game will be unavailable for about 3 hours.

We apologize for any inconvenience.


Take care,


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Hey ROLAND, there is an issue that as being going on for a long time, which in my opinion, i think is a bug in the game. But no one seems to be talking about it.


Some Casters AoE 'tap and drop' skills (e.g earth quake, dark circle, time warp, etc) which  are described to be used from 5yards often turn into 1yard skill during fight.


For instance, if a shaman tries to cast earth quake during fight, he will automatically move to the exact point where he droped the skill before casting. This occurence wastes an extra 3secs++ before using the skill. And trying to click off ur target before casting will likewise waste about 2secs++. This is not fair and had being happening for years now.


I hope u can fix this little problenm along with this update/fixes today.... For the happiness of the players


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