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Shield Strike is broken and almost useless


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It's clear that with this skill, devs wanted to encourage a 1h + shield style gameplay and make barbs very good in PvE. But nope, this skill is not as good as it seems. Try using Shield Strike against any red-crowned boss. You will see a beautiful "Resist" sign over the head of the boss. But wait, it resisted a stun, isn't that normal? Yes, but the boss resists damage of the skill aswell. It resists DAMAGE. So now we have an useless skill for 2h barbs and 1h barbs are left with a skill that barely has any uses in PvP and is garbage in PvE


Devs, what the ♥♥♥♥?

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Yes. This skill is a shame. I like the idea of specified skills, but this one is horrible. Some kind of fix is really needed. And that 2h barbs can use one one skill less is retarded.


In pvp, you use 2h for the burst damag, and no. Shield Strike doesn't make up for the dmg loss. So when is Shield Strike useful? When you hunt bosses? Apparently no since it is resisted. When you go dungeon? No, there it s a fight against the clock, (most often) not death.


If you really want to force us become shielders, make the skill decent. Chance to stun? duck no.



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