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About crafting



So guys i want to ask what is the best way to level up crafting skill? I only get few crafting xp per crafting job.

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try to do crafting of high lvl weapons which uses catlayst and do the rare Jobs :) kinda im now lvl 7 in magic craft

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Try do the item that doesn't need any resources.

Ex. Disciple Spheres on magic

Don't sell them, keep them.

When you go 8 lvl do the the same resource upgrade.

Ex. Neophyte Sphere

You can sell some of them

You can use and +50% exp scroll on them, it worths.


When you go 10 and open 4th slot stop make this, try make other advanced resources.

After 11 lvl do the second weapon of 11 craft lvl weapons (it's 19lvl weapon)


This way I am 12lvl (46k exp) now. Next week I ll go 13. And used 5 set scrolls but still got profit from selling staffs and resources...

P.s. If you know that you won't go online to collect craft and put new jobs for a few hours or you don't burn your brain on ws put lower lvl weapons too on this times, they give less exp than play and every 10min put new job but it's better than to be completed in your craft jobs a 10min job for 5 hours.

Good luck

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