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So since my ws not downloading in my pc (NSIS error damn!) let me be noisy here in forums ;)



Why so many high amp self proclaim "pro" pvp players in elf side dont know that starting from base in arena and having someone count and say 3 2 1 go is the most 100% way of being fair to both sides if pvp.



I see many people wants just to do signal method, so that they can signal first and have the advantage in a pvp lol :tease:

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This is a worthy topic i think> I have pvp with many players.


Common problems with pvp and with different classes.


- Rouge will use stealth and go hide in a crowd of people to regen. To me it's like disturbing. pvp should end if this happens. So don't disturb your ow battles.


- Many players will signal and use a def, parry, accuracy lowering skill on the enemy. Any signal that changes the stats of the target isnt a signal, its an advantage and an attack. Only a self enhancing skill is a signal. And all classes have these skills.


- Attacking isnt a signal, its an advantage. Range classes like to attack to indicate they want to pvp, but its also an advantage.


- Shaman/druid heal before pvp,  this is fine. Same as pala aura.


-  range vs melee, can start battle close or at a distance. goes both ways.


- Killing to death is fine if the battle is very close, if not walk away and save people the trouble of respawning. Everyone is watching so no need to kill when you have a lot of life left.



Devs doesn't like pvp so trying to create a fair and balanced system is impossible. So choose wisely who you pvp, and if you don't like their "advantage" need to win then don't pvp with them.

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