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Expert skill need change or not?  

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  1. 1. Expert skill need change or not?

    • yes,but not all classes
    • no,but nerf or strenghten other

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I would like that the taunt on warcry actually do something a little bit more useful, but I am still satisfied by the skill since it grants me 28%/29% extra def 50% of the time. ::)



Idk about the other skills, haven't seen enough of them yet.

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I just check all skills off all classes and write what I thinking(yes I hv all chars lv 20 some classes x2 different bulid)

OK first class Ranger... New expert skill is next dmg skill +effect. COMPARE to other class Ranger now like minimum. Ofc I love this skill buy I think it's too way op +bless. Fire arrow should be like another bless give + percent of extra dmg depend of skill lv. Soo in the and we can fire more "Fire" arrows plus minus get same effect but also need another dmg hard hit skill. Try be realist hard hit, normal hit, fire hit and if bless work x2 = OMG..... Died in 1sec...

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The deathly eye should be replaced with something more useful as it is pointless to be used at the moment  :bad: Perhaps something to actually drain a percentage of the enemy and either add it to the Necro is just take it away, would make it much more better and Necro not to be at a disadvantage.

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