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There is some green shimmering in a humid pit...


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A dribble drops, a tentacle carrier clops, Leviathan laps from a puddle and a green fungus....well, exists. A fine green mushroom lives in the middle of the Sea Tramps lair doing absolutely nothing but emitting dim green light. It has lived here for ages, decomposing dead animals: spiders, anemones and corals, thus keeping the cave soil nutritious. For the creatures of the lair, it's like a beacon of life in the midst of the oppressive darkness. However, for the....wait! What is that noise? Shouting and chanting can be heard from the entrance of the lair. The green fungus can already feel the approaching threat, a threat that feels like a scorching branding iron that keeps coming closer and closer to skin, whizzing and hissing loudly while burning the fur. Who are they? What do they want? Oh, the lid of the first hatch is already being opened, its clatter is strident! How are they so fast? The green fungus must do something as it's in a great danger. It starts to produce spores, filled with the deadliest of poisons, ready to be launched into the air. Let's hope that they will do the job.


Clanging of armors and screeching of dying spiders can be heard straight from above. The moment is coming closer. For a short time, a deep silence descends. The woodlice around the green fungus seem relatively calm but even their nervousness can be felt. Everything is staying still and nothing is happening. Suddenly, a tall warrior with golden armor comes down the ladders. He has a gigantic hammer in his hands and around him there is a shining aura of light that illuminates the whole cavern. The green fungus pales in front of the warrior's radiance, looking weak and miserable but it's still fully prepared to fight, holding its poisonous spores tightly in its gills, ready to unleash them at once when that warrior comes close enough. But....the warrior didn't come alone! Four other people come after the shining warrior and follow him when he walks forwards and shortens the gap between him and the green fungus. The fungus doesn't have any chances, at least not against five highly trained warriors but still it must try, even though it might not succeed. Now, the time has come! The green fungus releases its spores, a murky green cloud rises into the air and forms an opaque veil leaving the paladin inside it. Heavy coughing can be heard from the middle of the poisonous cloud....maybe the green fungus will succeed....maybe....oh, the paladin swung his hammer and smashed the poor mushroom into pieces! So, is it dead? Is this the end of this wondrous creature?


Of course it's not!


Everyone knows that fungi are much more than just sporocarps. The green fungus is actually a huge creature which exists in every tunnel and hole of the Sea Tramps lair and killing it is definitely not an easy task. But what about the paladin and the other warriors? Well, fortunately that foolish paladin messed up with the woodlice and he and his whole party died. This means that there is once again new corpses that the green fungus can decompose, making the cave soil again slightly more nutritious and better place for all kinds of different creatures to grow in.



Punakaali, EU-Emerald

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