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I tried to send personal message to r0nald. Noticed sending message to moderators are blocked. Copied here.


Hi r0land, I dont know will you receive this message but I have to try. I must try. I'm losing what I have.I'm creator of http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=99135.0 topic. Can you please read what I write there again, because its too much important for me.And I am owner of 20 level warlock Bearsight at Eu Emerald.Here is your reasons to got block."- selling and trading accounts- creating and using more than 2 accounts- using someone else's account- changing password and login of account you didn't create"


Everyone knows that I'm not account seller/trader so first is cant be.

I have 2 accounts, rogue and warlock's accounts. And my cousin also have 2, he doesnt use forum so I wrote his chars to my signature. So I think second and third one is also cant be.

Its look like only last one is true, my login id is [email protected].

I dont know is there any mail like that but "Burkay" is my name. I did because of it. And before that id if can you check it was [email protected](Its my own hotmail account.) I changed it because some of my friends used my phone and I doubt did they learn my id.


I gave my 4 years to this game and huge moneys to that blocked account. If I lose it, it means I lose my future on game. Spent 3.5 - 4 years to game, and kicking from it by mini reason. Its really not fair. I cant even count how much money I spent. I was planning to spend more.

If it was not strong account I wouldn't pm like this. But please check that account and understand how important is it for me.

I spent my many nights to get that demo costume. Gave all of my wallet to make that weapon.


I dont wanna lose what I gave to game. And game shouldn't lose me. I got great friendships there.

Please also check my rogue's account. [email protected] Its also pretty strong.


Please understand me, and let me contunie where I left. Dont let me lose everything because of breaking mini rule. I dont even know whats wrong when I set my id to email that I didnt create. But I learnt it and fix it after I take it back.


Take this as wish, take this as beg. I just have to give what I have.

Waiting your response.


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But you are also breaking rules. You are trying to scam accounts. Should I share screenshots about your fail try? So justice will do best for you too. As did to me in your opinion.

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