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after waiting for so long that the more pleasant future updates, but does not fit with the idea,, any update games with new facilities all require significant costs such as: forging weapons and armor up to level 10 and other items. now update again with minion facilities, which can only survive minion 20min and quickly defeated by the other players, and high cost of minion in miracle hop, and new potion (guild rating point increase, something like related), from the first update until now not separated from (every update there is a new item but require payment of the cost of expensive miracle coin) would not update focuses on some thing which is new and is not associated with such miracleshop (update new items or something new) any suggestions of players look good,, any advice taken to be updated,, (change the name of the character, minion, guild and that guild storage, amplify system, market and many more) all is money, hard-earned gold in the game, every update straight to the shop and there is no miracle miracle item shop contained in game npc,, any payment in other games there is a limit and not expensive (but in this game is different) every little thing just takes the payment and the payment is expensive for some people like me, I just feel disappointed after such a long time playing this game I think there are a few other players who feel well,,, just hope the game makers fix for future updates> :dirol:

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I have to admit that warspear is the best mmorpg in graphic design, chat system, faction.

I have tried to quit this game since long time ago because of shallow design in class development and imbalance issue but just can't.

Nowadays in elf side is quite difficult to gain gold since most coins user have the most powerful items.


Warspear is great despite their money hunger game.


If they can focus more on class skills and item database it would be fantastic.

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