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Ranged Mage Rework Ideas

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Pls, don't hate me, these aren't nerf suggestions, just some ideas.

I did the same thing for Warlocks.


Temporal Distortion:

Increases damage.

This would be the main AoE damage skill of the Mage.

Instead of dealing damage in the Mage's destination, deals damage at the origin of the teleport, so the Mage can take distance of the enemy and attack from a safe range (actually, the Warlock needs something like this).

1 and 2/5: Base range

3 and 4/5: +1 meter

5/5: +2 meters 


Stone Shards:

High Stun chance (almost 100% at 5/5) but highly decreases the base damage.

Increasing the skill level increases stun time (a little), chance and damage (a little)


Solar Armor:


Ignore part of the damage of the next hits done to the Mage and deals some damage to the enemy.

1/5: Ignores 40% of the damage of the next hit and deals 30% of the Magic Damage to the enemy that attacks.

2/5: Ignores 50% of the damage of the next 2 hits and deals 35% of the MDMG to the enemy.

3/5: Ignores 60% of the damage of the next 2 hits and deals 40% of the MDMG to the enemy.

4/5 Ignores 70% of the damage of the next 3 hits and deals 45% of the MDMG to the enemy.

5/5: Ignores 80% of the damage of the next 3 hits and deals 50% of the MDMG to the enemy.


Aura of Fire:

Leaves a 3x3 fire trail every 2 seconds where the Mage passed.

Increases Solar Armor damage.

If the Mage uses Temporal Distortion while this skill is active, leaves a 3x3 fire trail from the origin to the destination of the teleport.


Ethereal Barrier:

Has a cooldown. Example:

4/4 Ethereal Barrier: The Mage still ignores damage every 2 hits, but has a 4 seconds cooldown, since the Solar Armor would ignore damage too.


Other skills:

Increases the damage of the ranged skills to value them.

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