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Guild Updates

Jorge Zor

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  • Well, I have some suggestions for improving the game's development.
    1- A new market for Coríndon Carmesim, guild tour has nothing interesting anymore,
     it no longer has that cool feeling of joining CC until you can buy an amazing outfit or costume.
    2- This is the most important one, the game has been updated and the current mechanics of castles are not 
    ... castles like t1, t2, even t3, are worthless, there are no more fights for them .... 
    I think a way out of this situation is a new difficulty in the coliseum, 
    a mythical coliseum that would be enabled by castle lords ...
     it would be something that would force all guilds to want a castle at all costs. 😊
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I know im not the only one who thinks like this GM, There are just sleeping people here on forum xD


@jorge i tagged you in the post i made the same suggestion look at the answers I got 😘 

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