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Question about Healer Druid Build


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hey guys, its me Charms back again in this game  :yahoo:


i play at US Sapphire, playing druid lvl 8 with lvl 5 healing skill


i got a question, if i want to be a healer druid, what skill should i raise next?


thx for the answers  :drinks:

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Well it depends. ANY druid should have max heal, that's a given. The real question you should ask after that is what kind of druid do I want to be?



PvP druid: I've not had a lot of experience with these but I have read a LOT of posts on these. They mainly have max heal, root, and lightning. Others have heal, barkskin, and lightning or bees depending on preference. If you want full support, Max heal, bark, and root.



PvE druid: I'm currently working on this one. I've seen some max heal, bees/lightning, bark. Others max heal, bees, lightning (this is the one I prefer), but it all depends on what you're comfortable with and your preferences.

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