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1. Use percentage to show amp fail chance instead of (low, average, high, very high chance to fail).

2. More description on skills. Example: Deathly gaze: Current power: 3%  increase per upgrade: 1%  Current Duration: 8 second    Duration increase per upgrade: 2 seconds

3.People escape or avoid rogue easily so he needs speed(Drogon running speed and attk spd increase by 5% and increasing per skill point) skill next time you put new skills.

4. Something needs to be done about our "Item for other faction".

5. Bring the pvp zone idea of Blueborn

6. Add the facepalm & crazy emoticon in game.

7. I suggest monsters and bosses on Aivondil use moon damage so the moon def on heroic/divine gear gets put to use. Most magic monsters use sun so far.

8. Getting dom wep is ridiculously hard, ease it up. I mean doom weps aren't single shot death blast weps, they are barely better than arena weps.

9. 1 Money pouch instead of 2 loots. Just save us time of going to sell and back.

10. Chat chanels, good for having clan discussions/keeping everyone trying to do 6 shadows our chainless in contact, or just chatting for fun without gliding trade chat or having to be in town.

11. Lvl18 rings that have the same bonuses as the lv13 versions.

12. And a lvl18 ring for healers with Accuracy, Astral, Moon/sun/dark, mana.

13. Remove the "Yes"button from daily discount pop up.

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