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Found 8 results

  1. the two-hand maces are an item that is not used much or that simply does not have a value compared to spears, or axes, it would be interesting to add this item for the charmer to use, and with that would be added some other options of maces with magic damage both primary and secondary. the maces of two hands, would become an item for paladins / charmers for giving a good magical damage is a little physical damage. Sorry my english os Google translate
  2. Queenjazz


    I need help my weapon i paid for just randomly is gone and I can't buy any weapons from shops I don't have enough coins or not high enough level please help
  3. Hello so I started not so long ago at mc side and chose to play with deathknight, so my question is which weapon is best for dk? I want to max my dk to highest lvl and want to be a tank with like 5k def but at the same time deal good dose of damage, so im asking which weapon should I choose? 1 handed mace with shield or 2 handed mace or spear? Thank you for your answers
  4. Hola hace poco se hacia publicado en el foro internacional la lista de bosses, mapas y hasta que nivel dropeaban reliquias, el problema es que lo eliminaron. Me podrían dar una lista de los bosses y hasta que nivel y como ¿detecto un boss, miniboss o súper boss?, otra cosa ¿cuando termina el evento de hallowen?
  5. I want to make a strong DK and so far I have been able to collect most gear that I need to be strong in pvp. But before I go buy my weapon I want to know what kind of weapon I need (2 handed). What is best for DK? Spear, Sword, axe or Mace? thanks in advance P.S: after you tell me what category of weapon is best for DK can you tell me the name of the weapon I should buy
  6. XeNoN

    repair prompt!

    damn this weapon destroyed prompt! please remove this! i always accidentaly click on repair with scroll in bag. and its not good for me, especially im not that rich thats why im saving gold & saving all things, durability, everything. idc if this thread is repeated. i cant search anything, no tags %). *Z*
  7. Hi support team, I just want to ask what'll happen if I upgrade a +5 Deep Lords Waraxe via rare crafting task? Does it revert to +0 or it'll retain it's amplification level?
  8. Hey! isn't this a little unfair? or a mistake? there is a difference between the sword&dagger with the axe. why is axe 3%? it's not fair i think. XD in fact all the other weapons are 5.9% , 2.9%. and just this Gladiator's Mint is 3%? its not fair for the crusher's gladius & kris. C2fix? Peace yow! XD
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