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Found 12 results

  1. Um sacerdote de level 22 que constantemente digita no chat global do servidor BR Tourmaline coisas de cunho sexisista a uma jogadora em específico, eu mesmo decidi reportar pois acho uma grande falta de respeito. Não possuo mais prints pois só agora eu decidi reportar, mas tenho certeza que logo logo atualizo nos comentarios com mais prints do mesmo tipo.
  2. Este jugador compro su acc. Lo reportó porque por lo que se eso está severamente prohibido y es motivo de Ban permanente. Este jugador se encuentra en el server brasileño. Las pruebas son muy directas y cortas porque directamente me dice lo que ha hecho justo después de hacerlo. Gracias. Espero vuestra respuesta. (Escribo en español porque me es más cómodo, pero supongo que no es problema para ustedes los de warspear online.
  3. Rizki Ansyah


    bug display zoom xiomi mi 6x BUG ZOOM DISPLAY IN XIOMI MI 6X
  4. Olá, Vim reportar um bug que está presente há um tempo na caverna do Boss Senhor Marizz, se alguém já reportou ou não, estou só remediando o caso. Enfim, tem uma invocação (Assistente do caos) na porta da cave que não desaparece, e se outro Charmer invocar outro no alvo dessa invocação, ele fica por algum tempo mas desaparece (que é o normal kkk), enfim, eu achei interessante, e bem incomum. Segue os prints no anexo, obrigado! By Hakkeshu - BR Tourmaline
  5. No warspear há a necessidade de uma opção de reportar um player diretamente, isso ajudaria muito a combater algumas práticas ilegais no jogo.
  6. Hello everyone, my nick is Facundes would like to report something that happened yesterday while I played, a player whose nickname is Racuminx received five items ... these items followed a pattern being always the same, I believe that despite the luck of each one is impossible such thing to happen. I play on the EU-emerald server, but I'm BR so the screenshot that I'll post will be in Portuguese, I'll be posting this in the BR forum as well.
  7. i need the step by step process of how to report a player. where to go? what to do? which one should be? how to know if the report is verified?
  8. Deyvyd Daniel


    dar ban nesse jogar ele ficar roubando as pessoas cixus lvl20 Serv EU 🤧
  9. Hello, my character is onepunch from Eu sever mc side. Today some minutes ago, i trust a player named jcbreff to trade some items from eu to us server. After i gave him the items he scam me. I decide trust him the items because they were low value. No matter the item value scam is scam. I don't know if this will have repecutions to him, but at least i want to aware you in case anyone wanna try any bussines with him.
  10. Hello i was playing and this 2 guys started insult muslim and arabs without reason i said to stop but they continued insulting i hope the support do something to stop this bad behavior and offenses and insult without reasons, they names was (Healallelf and Grenlandia) thank you so much support i will be grateful if it stop. Server Eu Emerald (elf side) The server is Eu - Emerald (elf side)
  11. There's about 2 days ago that I lose arena due to win/ lose teams. I think these matches are rigged ones. This is a dishonest playing and must be punished. Arena is an ingame competition and have powerful rewards so it’s not fair to earn that rewards by tricking the game and profitting the exploit. They can win amounts of arena points doing nothing. Even more when the losing team consists of 2 players and a random one. The last one loses automatically the match, so there is no chance to make anything but waste his arena ticket.
  12. I come to report a scammer called Terpomewo Blade Dancer level 20 He a steal account the to true owner of the hero called Bryaann be careful and maybe any GM wants to permanently lock.
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