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Hello, my character is onepunch from Eu sever mc side. Today some minutes ago, i trust a player named jcbreff to trade some items from eu to us server. After i gave him the items he scam me. I decide trust him the items because they were low value. No matter the item value scam is scam. I don't know if this will have repecutions to him, but at least i want to aware you in case anyone wanna try any bussines with him.







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21 minutes ago, Blossoms said:

He trolled u? :i_know_what_you_did_there:

I asked him if he wanted those items back


Apparently he doesnt want them back


I could attach screenshot but i dont want to get a warning for drama


Edit: here's two screenshots


Feel free to give me warning, Higgs or Julie 🖒








Edited by Jcbreff
Added screenshots

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18 minutes ago, Jcbreff said:

But mods could give me warning for causing drama


Meh... I've seen worse dude xd.


I'll just close the topic, since the forum is no place for a topic like this. 

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