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Found 5 results

  1. This is not a post for me to point out what's wrong, but for you, Death Knight player, to do it. Say what you think that could improve/change in your own class. Remember that some changes to the class started with player suggestions, like Saturation not spending HP anymore or a buff to Secret Reserves.
  2. The rogue has a long history in the game of Warspear. From being a pain to deal with before expert skills, to having stacking 100% dodge with absolute reflexes. Yet as the time passed rogue started feeling weaker and weaker. Now it reached the point where rogue is one of the worst playable characters in the entire game along with barbarian. To be honest it's nearly unplayable. Aspecially after the introduction of the new classes. Seeker took over the throne of stealth assasins and rogue was left in the dirt. The game itself is shifting more and more to elf favour, but I'll not get into wider topics. Rogue's gameplay is split into 2 ways: PvP and PvE. Some classes are better at PvP, others better at PvE, but for some reason rogue is chosen to be bad at both. Firstly let's talk about PvP. A PvP rogue is a high risk high reward class with a big skill cap that is supposed to sneak in, deal a massive ammount of damage (not always kill) and sneak out to reset cooldowns and do the same again. With that in mind, rogue is supposed to have low survivability, so if he fails to sneak in or fails to combo his damage, he would get caught by crowd control and dealt with. Yet this concept is poorly put into live action with the mechanics of this game. Rogue lacks burst damage to have a moderate impact to PvP fights. That forces rogue players to focus more on attack speed, which throws away the concept of an assasin and makes rogue feel more like a bruiser or a ranged damage class. Yet a rogue can't be a bruiser because of his low survivability and the class doesn't have range. Stacking dodge chance is the only way to make rogues feel like they are somewhat useful, but in reality it's totaly up to RNG if you survive and even if a rogue survives he still doesn't have enough damage to have any impact. On top of that the rogue feels slow, when you hit from stealth, first it reveals the rogue, then hits. Outside from stealth, a rogue has no other mobility spell to reposition and try to fix mistakes if failed. That makes him an easy target, before he can do anything and as a high skill class a rogue is way too easy to counter. Most of the classes (even full tanks) have much more dps than a rogue and on top of that they are tanky. That should not be a thing. And even if that is a thing, rogue has nothing in his kit to play around those factors. Other dps classes have one or several ways to counter rogue and rogue doesn't have anything to do against that. With all this in mind, rogue class is thrown away from PvP arenas or wars because there are other classes that can do the same as the rogue, but stronger, better and safer. The only thing a rogue is left to do is play as a PvE character. Yet in this enviroment he still lacks everything. As a PvE rogue you are supposed to deal the most damage to monsters while the tank takes all the damage and a healer takes care of the tank. Yet rogue has much lower dps than other damage dealing classes like hunter, ranger, seeker or warlock. Even a well amped tank or a healer can do more damage than a rogue. While boss fighting rogue also has no range and is vurnerable to Area of Effect spells. So the only idea that comes to a player's mind while playing PvE is "Why should I play rogue when other classes do the same, but better?". A rogue is left as a "fill" character to classes that can't find a good damage dealer fast enough or need an extra person for no reason. So rogue is left as a character that is just there in the game, unable to have any impact and all rogue players do are complain about how bad everything is about the class. Probably the most important aspect of a rogue is his skill set and it is disguistingly bad. All the base skills are moderate besides kick in the back, but the expert skills are just stupid. Elusive jump is a gap closing skill with some extra damage to it. 2 things about this skill are very bad. First is the bug that has been there since the appearance of the jump. It's the bug where if you use elusive jump while standing next to an enemy it will throw you 1 to 3 blocks away from the target and you have to walk all the way back. The second thing is the jump's combo with poison blade. If the description is right you have to hit the enemy with poison blades to make him bleed over time, then you need to use elusive jump to deal extra damage. That's completly defeats the whole purpose of elusive jump. If you hit an enemy with poison blades it means you are already next to him and elusive jump is useless as a gap closing skill. On top of that the bug described before takes away a massive ammount of dps while you walk back to the enemy. So in the end the combo is worthless and does nothing, besides losing the purpose of the kit. The two dagger throwing skills are litterally the 2 worst skills in the entire game. The daggers cost gold, they do absolutely no damage and they have no effects applied to them. It's better just to auto attack instead of using the daggers, the dps is just better. Absolute reflexes can't be comboed with your kit in any way and it is totaly up to RNG if the skill will work and it doesn't add up enough dodge to be useful when used in the RNG way. All the other skills just add a little attack speed or damage to the rogue, that can barely be felt and has low impact to the kit. There are many more problems with the class, but the ones described make the biggest impact. The rogue can be fixed with just a few changes. The first to change about the rogues kit is to make him feel more like an assasin. A possible thing to do is to give the rogue a unique passive where he doesn't have the 40% damage decrease from dual wielding, or rogue only has like a 20% decrease. That would impact the damage of his whole kit and make him a more moderate damage dealer. Kick in the back should have lower active time, but could make the enemy have 0% acuraccy (including skills) so you could activate absolute reflexes in a controled way. On top of the dodge, absolute relfexes could give you a buff which if hit by a crowd control ability, would remove the dodge buff, but instantly cleanses the crowd control. Elusive jump should get that bug fixed and get a better combo with poison, for example, if you have poison blade buff active on you, elusive jump deals extra damage equal to one tick of poison damage and the poison would be increased by one tick if activated through elusive jumping. The new skill frenzy is ok, but could also give extra movement speed while active, so if caught, you would die faster, but if not caught, you could reposition easier. Stealth should get more extra damage and firstly hit, then reveal the character. Dagger skills should be completly changed (I feel like my ideas for the rework are too overpowered). Sinister strike should stun for a very short ammount of time (just enough to land an extra skill) or decrease the armour of the enemy and the rogue to 0 for the next attack (debuff works for some seconds or until hit, also having frenzy and this debuff on would cause you to take increased damage, applied along with the armour debuff). Also do not let rogue use mercelines strike from stealth (to avoid too much damage), but slightly increase the damage too. The attack speed would nicely combo with everything. Also rogue should get some sort of a stealth reset mechanic, if done correctly he would become invisible again for a short ammount of time. These changes might make rogue feel more like an assasin and a high skill-cap class. Stealth would be the main thing in rogues kit. While fighting enemies rogue would have to choose: instantly kill the enemy or deal high damage to him with the EXACTLY right combo, or try to use the passive and active skills to try to brawl the fight quickly, because of very low survivability. Using elusive jump and poison combo from stealth and gauge in a fast succesion (only possible if you have the expert attack speed skill active) to deal some damage to the enemy and poison him so you can stealth again (gauge passive: get short stealth if gauged a poisoned enemy) and reposition to continue fighting. Using sinister strike from stealth and then merceliness strike to one shot an enemy, yet that puts you into a bad position and you might die quickly if failed to one shot somebody. With all of this rogue would become a useful, high skill cap champion on PvP, that would have to play around stealth and not get revealed, on top of that it would increase rogue's dps for PvE and make the class one of the most fun classes to play.
  3. We have "post what you're listening to" topic. Here is the one with movies. How to post them? 1. Name of movie 2. Link to the trailer/to any scenes from the movie 3. Rate it on a 10 point scale 4. Some more info about the movie NO SPOILERS ARE ALLOWED! I will start. --- Star Trek Beyond --- Rating: 10/10 Directed by Justin Lin, Produced by J. J. Abrams Amazing movie, I got shocked how spectacular it was.
  4. Hey everybody. I want to suggest a change for shaman's earthquake. Some of you may have played shaman. You were maybe fighting a bird with your shaman. You used eartquake, and the bird got hit and died. Pretty normal or what? But... Have you ever thought about that you just hit something that was hovering above the ground? How is that possible? I mean, it's called EARTHquake, not quake, airquake or earthandairquake. And if the bird didn't die, it would get trapped in the air by an EARTHquake. Or elementals. It's big pieces of an element levitating above the ground. Still hit by earthquake. My suggestion is that earthquake becomes a real earthquake. That it won't affect flying mobs (Like birds, dragons and wyverns) and levitating mobs (Like ghosts and elementals). What do you think about my suggestion?
  5. The attack against Charlie Hebdo, attacks in refugee camps, the crash of the Russian plane in Egypt, yesterday's attacks in Paris are all related to the radical Islam and the ISIS. I know it is a very sensitive topic, still I want you to express your opinion about it. Please let's keep the peace here. So. In my opinion, what happens nowdays in the world and in Europe is not accidental and not the first try of the radical Islam world to conquer Europe. Did you know that from the 1400's, the Turkish had the goal to conquer Europe? Well, because of the radius they could go in a year was pretty small, that's why the last country they could reach was Hungary. We remained under the control of them for more than 200 years, when finally we could drive them out of Europe and the Islam's conquest failed. And this is the second try. With one difference. Instead of armed soldiers, refugees come to Europe. And I am not talking about Syrians who really need help. But the economic refugees. Who attack borders and make fights with the police. Naive leaders of countries like Germany dream about integrating them. You know what? They will never be integrated. Refugees come from a completely different world, where they have other laws and traditions. Our world is foreign and wierd for them. Radical Islamist don't fear about killing people for their religion and opinion. And what happened in January, or yesterday are proof for what I'm saying. To be honest I wish those attackers would be caught and killed like they killed innocent people. Though these terrorists believe dying in a terrorist attack is a glorius and heroic death. I am sorry for these word, I'm just reallt upset how leaders of our community are blinded and welcome foreign people like best friends, also these attacks shocked me. Feel free to comment on what I wrore, and write your own opinion too.
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