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Found 3 results

  1. Location of each boss on the 5 almahd map, below you will see the minitus division of each boss. MIRAGE DESERT BOSSES Sybarida Doombringer Sybarida Doombringer - half woman, half snake. The Snakemen worship her as if she were a deity - ancient blood truly runs through her veins, granting Sybarida deadly power. Few have survived encounters with her, and no one has managed to defeat her... LOCATION Shal’hazi Ironscales Shxal'hazi, known as Ironscales - the invincible commander of the Snakemen. Shxal'hazi alone is worth an entire army. His sword strikes true, never missing, and his emerald scales are indeed harder than any metal. LOCATION Akhanu-Amut Three-Suns Ahkanu-Amut, known as the Three-Suns - the ruler from the ancient lineage of genies. When the war began, she refused to join either side. Ahkanu-Amut commands the three lesser celestial bodies, weaving deadly mirages from their rays. The light of the Three-Suns is the light of death! LOCATION Recommendation Use full equipment for monsters "PvE" level 30 to 34 Group of 3 to 5 members SCORPION KINGDOM BOSSES Orh’aru Chainmaster Orh’aru Chainmaster - a bloodthirsty slaughterer driven by the lust for blood from the Dog-head race. Orh’aru's relatives fear and curse him, while the scorpions have long been trying to track down and defeat the Dog-head, but so far in vain. LOCATION Abishai Rottenwing Abishai Rottenwing - an unmatched duelist who has killed hundreds of scorpions in ritual combat. Abishai revels in the death of others. His taloned wings emit the stench of decay, and beneath the mask, he hides his face - as dreadful as death itself. LOCATION Aneput Deadherd Aneput, known as the Herd of the Dead, is an ancient deity who guides the deceased to the realm of the dead. Aneput slices bodies with his sharp blade to free them from their entrails and anoints them with a balm to protect against decay. If you fall into his hands, there is no escape for the living! LOCATION Recommendation Use full equipment for monsters "PvE" Level 30 to 34 Group of 3 to 5 members GOLDEN SANDS BOSSES Temptator Ashfarnis Temptator Ashfarnis is a nightmarish child of snake and spider, as ancient as the desert itself. Its putrid breath is filled with venom that kills all living things within a mile radius. LOCATION Storyteller Balvizar Storyteller Balvizar is a cunning and wise sphinx, beneath whose golden mask lies a blue gaze of death. The horrifying tales of the Storyteller take on flesh, transforming into genies and ghouls, mummies and scorpions... LOCATION Raid Boss “Demon of the Golden Sands” The Demon of the Golden Sands is an embodiment of bestial insatiability and inhuman cruelty. Its prey consists of lone travelers, whom it lures into its lair in the heart of the desert. In the Golden Sands, there is and will be no creature more terriying! LOCATION Recommendation Equipment for humans or almahad "PvP or Almahad" Level 32 to 34 Guild members of 20 to 100 members I hope you enjoyed this great guide, if so, don't forget to comment on the post or the pinned video.
  2. Gostaria de o que os chefer da T1 Mapa 2 dropa ou se é uma conquista ocular ou tem os dois esses bos que tou falado e os boss que fica na taverna Da T1 tipo que você pode mata se invadir e qual e a restrição de nível siceramente eu acho que nem deveriam ter por ser muito arriscado mesmo para uma pt de lv 20 full ja que e facil acha um lv 30 mesmo 5 da manhã kk fui tenta descrobi na força dor ódio referência a aura de ódio do dk kk mas mesmo no meu char mais forte tinha mob muito mob despois vou tenta Denovo e procura o ponto cego da taverna quase Niguem saiba Respode minhas dúvidas se eu tiver sucessor vou irfoma aqui por isso por nessa secção guia
  3. Hola hace poco se hacia publicado en el foro internacional la lista de bosses, mapas y hasta que nivel dropeaban reliquias, el problema es que lo eliminaron. Me podrían dar una lista de los bosses y hasta que nivel y como ¿detecto un boss, miniboss o súper boss?, otra cosa ¿cuando termina el evento de hallowen?
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