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  1. wish u wer eu server ;D .....tat block is nothing.... :spiteful:
  2. :wacko:chrystal y do u think we dont care :wacko: i dont wats wrong wit u dis days but u should just stop watever u doin :facepalm:maybe u tryin to destroy WOG :lol: dont dream we r family.......... NO OFFENCE
  3. sazolian


    do u really bliv robin :facepalm: go check in one of the post wer he was askin pples id for hack miracles coins........ do u really wana bliv dis guy :wacko:
  4. i stil cnt hit u even tryin different ways :bad:
  5. please continue wit ur dramas i am enjoying reading it :lol: :yahoo: NO OFFENCE ;D
  6. well u cn cmplete chainles in a day if ur lucky if not, u mite take a year :lol: ya i agree us server is d worst :facepalm: trade chat ful of indo n malay :wacko: come on guys if u wana chat do in area or party chat :drinks: y spammin trade chat whch pple dnt undrstand n its realy annyng tho... NO OFFENCE :drinks:
  7. well both of u r good stop fightin or :aggressive:
  8. wel i wana bring a name too :blush: KNOX hope u guys knw him :lol: eu.,
  9. preetypinoy u r pretty :blush: but u cnt cmpare d beauty of eisha :lol:
  10. sazolian


    :facepalm:knox wont do such a stupid things i am laughin to dead :lol: btw wat is 'moon' :rofl:
  11. i am d best :spiteful: coz i dont buy mcoins like others n use 3 trap during pvp :rofl:
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