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  1. There are times when I will give small amounts of gold for help on quests, I am offering some gold now for help with Gatekeepers Gasket if anyone can help, 300g for you :)
  2. Technical updates only, there is nothing for the gameplay itself.
  3. Did you break any rules by any chance? As for the update, it is only technical, not for the actual gameplay.
  4. I'm sure the Devs are doing their best, just awaiting the outcome now ;D
  5. Just wait and see what happens first, my dmg is 300+ with 500+ heal, so, it's quite good, wouldn't mind increase more :spiteful:
  6. Yes, what does that mean about another connection? is it like using the mobile network and then switching to Wifi?
  7. Roland, It seems to have been sorted now, I have new info for my account, I am not sure if you found any other information about what happened...but all is alright now it seems. :clapping:
  8. I have sent a ticket to technical support explaining what has happened, and I put it here to give a little more depth as well. Hope you can help, as I have paid into this game and I don't want to lose everything :(
  9. I haven't given my information to anyone though, that's the thing :cray:
  10. I was just about to login and it has asked me for the password, it has never done this before and when I click OK, it says incorrect user profile or password, now, my user profile has always been the same and the password also, why the hell won't it let me log in now? I tried resetting password and it now says 'Invalid E-mail Address' :facepalm: WHY? I have never had this problem until now....suggestions? Mods, can you help? :aggressive: This is stupid. :bad: Thanks
  11. I think it makes sense, saves alot of people asking me if i will heal them lmao ;)
  12. Ok, through much observation and playing this game for a number of years (and thinking of quitting), Since this update, I reckon the Tower quests should be open to ALL levels(perhaps 3+), like Snow Boundaries, and not have to do all the stupid cl quests or swamp ones just to unlock it. Afterall, the number of elfs are way MORE than us, regardless of them amping etc, this makes it impossible to pass onto their side without getting killed or something :facepalm: I have also observed that the quest for six shadows is only open for the ones that haven't done it, that is pointless as there aren't many high levels remaining to do this quest and help the other lower leveled ones, how do you expect them to continue? they will quit. Now, I have been an elf many times and it is far easier on that side, than the MC/Forsaken one, which is disappointing to be honest as this game isn't balanced, I stopped donating to this game once I have observed this and ensured these changes. Better suggestions I think: 1. Open BT tower to all levelled players 2. Make more opening for MC's to get onto Elf side like they can with us 3. Open six shadows to all players (who can have/had the quest) 4. Perhaps block elf side (temporary) until the MC numbers balance These are just little ideas I think would make the game better, also, if you look at the monetary side of things, more happier players that are playing the game, the more chance of money being donated into the game, isn't that nice? :pardon: I understand some of these ideas have been said before, but, putting them all in one pace is a little easier.
  13. Need help with Six Shadows on US Sapphire
  14. Didn't work, does anyone else know how to get the Vitold quest?
  15. Ok nice one, I have sent you a pm inbetween :)
  16. Brilliant, thanks man, as long as I don't have to do other quests also, haha :pardon:
  17. I see, I got to somehow get the Vitold quest first then, Thanks Tsja, I will see what's happening then :)
  18. So, I have to complete all quests in Swamp first before I get tower ones?
  19. I hear about players asking about Lab quest, what is it? also, how do you get the Tower quests, I thought it was open for everyone, but, obviously not :nea:
  20. Same, heal hasn't changed either :facepalm: my version still says 3.10.1, what the hell is going on?
  21. So, you are saying only people who invest in this game to be able to amp in the first place should be able to play it? Not very nice is it.
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