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  1. 23 hours ago, Speedom said:

    Wtf.. Am I the only Seeker complaining about our Hp drain skill we just got? :forever_alone:

    bro.. i agree...

    seeker need atleast good dmg skill,...:(
    so much drain and here i wanna tell abt a  bullshit skill - Dangerous Blow > is it mean that, it is dangerous to Seeker if he buy the skill:cray:
    Dangerous blow is awesome DUCK skill + bleeding skill is also a roasted dUCK

    Actually i can say, Seekar got Suicide skill, SUN skill will increase incoming damge, 2 skills are draining Mana, and 1 more skill added to eat his own health.. TA...DA.. seeker dead by himself

  2. It will be appreciated...if GM double the drops of Craft resources in All DG..(at least Energy Essence and energy calatalyst

    Coz resources are expensive so crafting products are expensive compared to the same weapon lvl of DG ..

    So craters finds hard to sell those items..


    Eg; lvl 20 xbow craft making cost comes around 70-80k

    Lvl23 DG..xbow is 60-80k (I saw in MKT many times.. lvl23 xbow 65k)


    GM..pls look in to.. if craft resources are increased in Boss & DG drop..it's normal to make it from harder.. and


    It's now very very less..

  3. The Whivenom


    Level      :               30


    Dmg        :               480 magic/4sec

    Def          :               1K phy, 500 magic

    HP           :               1,500,000 / no regen During Battle

    MP          :               100 / Regen 10/sec During Battle

    Res          :               20 mins


    Spl           :               Cave Allows the players only lvl 21 and above

    Location :               Ayvondyl


    Range of Boss : 3 yards

    Acc : 100%

    other status 0%


    20150526_210300.jpg 20150526_210434.jpg


    The story start from Broken Spear!


    Nuadu and Harad! Defeated the Gar'an, by breaking the spear into myriad pieces as the last strike.


    But still, the ungathered pieces made huge destruction among the species of Arinar many changed as monsters and some just got huge appearance, few got skills and few are dead!


    Magical Head of the broken Spear was missing undamaged!!!


    After centuries…

    The Head-Sorcerer of the Vipers accidently found the ‘Head of the Spear’… and… inherits the powers in it and received the Blessings from ‘The White Wanderer’ (Who created the Arinar).


    The Viper, transformed into semi Human form and started conquers the Legion & Sentinels.


    The worst part is, Harad and Nuadu are as Statues! Now its only in the Hand of Sentinals & Legion to defeat “The Whivenom


    Skillz of Boss:


    1.       Wrath of Viper :

    4 yards surround Boss

    The Boss Stomp the Ground!!

    Stun  3secs all Players in the specified area, and after Recovery, poisoned for 10 sec – bleed 100hp/2sec


    Cooldown : 60 Sec MP:50


    2.       Chaos:

    3 yards surround Boss

    Release White-Wanderer’s Smoke from his staff!

    Player loses his control and Started attack(BASE ATK) his nearest ally/Self DMG(if not in PT+Stun) for 5 Sec and loosen 5%MP/atk


    Cooldown 90 Sec MP:50


    3.       Wanderer Blessing :

    5 Yards

    The Whivenom  cast a powerful spell, make him invincible for 3sec

    Attack increases to +50% for 5sec

    During this time, every atk on him – the label restore his health instead of causing damage! (5sec).

    Immobilize all players in the radius 3 sec (But can attack or can use skills).


    Cooldown : 120 Sec MP: 50






    1. Def III/DMG III

    2. Craft Items.

    3. lvl 22 Amulet/Rings/Cloak – ATK+ LifeSteal+ MP regen(cloak & Amulet)/HP regen(Rings)+M.def

    4. Platinum bars

    5.  Unique – “Whivenom COSTUME” > Condition : Equipping!(can unbind for 399 mcoin)


    6. Unique Skills :        [book of “Chaos”] > for casters = same as Boss skill

         Unique Skills :       [book of “Wrath of Viper”] > for Mele = same as Boss skill

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