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  1. Please think more about MCS.now MCS:ElF population 1:100000000 because we get hard quest+fvckin skill chainless quest from MCS side 1000x more hard than ELF,so many player stuck at that quest and change to elf side -_- please make balance game.you make this game more bad with fvckin bridge update.sorrryyy very badd english.i just want to complain
  2. I buy it yesterday to get more HP regeneration.Why now this ring without HP regen.You make this ring useless now.Thanks
  3. Please remove unity potion buy link every i take quest at norland island.i dont need thats expensive bad item.im wrong press buy many time after take my quest there. :facepalm: :'( please remove that...thanks...
  4. Hy GM.are selling miracle is ilegal?i sell mcoin and get profit from that.please give your answer. best regard Cybercrime
  5. Please check this problem.i cant buy miracle coin because billing payment error after choosing miracle coin amount. My Phone : GT-5360 (Galaxy Young) Conection : HSDPA Best regard
  6. Please give me reason why limalaysia acc blocked?he is my good friend and he same with me miracle coin seller.he not scam other player,he play 1 acc only,no trading acc.so what the problem with him?
  7. Today someone nick wolfbann chat to me if wolfsy acc get banned.he say if he is real wolfsy but i dont know he is really wolfsy or not.he already send ticket and GM say if that acc is already unblock.but why he still cant login with that acc? Please answer... Best regard Cybercrime EU-Emerald
  8. Cybercrime


    :clapping: :clapping: Wowowo i love you GM...please bann ubaidlee too.he scam me 200k gold but sorry i dont hv screenshot.starting from phogz i think this enough... :clapping: :clapping:
  9. U know lordyasir?he buy mcoin from phone but not get mcoin and already send ticket.GM reply he must wait for 3 day.but after 1 week he not get mcoin.i buy mcoin too 3 month ago 1360 mcoin,and same problem.just wait wait and wait but i still dont get my mcoin.if this only 1 time,its ok.but i already 2 time bro.my friend rundiens and many player have same problem.and GM just reply wait and wait.do u like it?
  10. Please make other answer.My mcoin 1360 and my friend 8380 omg... :shok: i dont need send ticket,useless and already send many ticket :sorry: Yesterday yasirlock mcoin not come.now me and my friend mcoin.someone chat me and he say he 780 and not come.please close your payment if u get error.fix it first thn open again if you already fix it. Regard, Cybercrime
  11. I buy 1360 mcoin this day but my mcoin not come.yesterday i buy 1360 too but same problem.I already send to tehnical support but no respond.im mcoin seller if all time like this i will be pailid.i more dont like u GM...save it in your brain... im pay here pls give your good service. best regard, Cybercrime
  12. Update your list... Ubaidlee Shaman Lv20 Phogz Blade Dancer Lv 20 Strats Shaman Lv8 Stratocast Ranger Lv19 If u need screenshot,take your own screenshot.I already scammed 200k and u still need screenshot to update your list.I cant be mcoin reseller in indonesia if im lie about that scammer.Im disapointed about your chat respon yesterday,no screenshot=no update.
  13. Wtf,why GM fix rogue & ranger skill?we just need they fix dark circle & EQ.Now EQ already fix but dark circle not.Ranger blessing decrease but i dont know with rogue.This game have noobest GM. :wacko: :wacko:
  14. I want GM make balance skill for all not for mc or forsakun onlyyyyy...u understand?
  15. Play your game.Then make your balance skill.elf and choosen is ducking skill.u just see money from mc and forsaken so u just give good skill from them?we play too here elf and chosen give u money too but u give daduck skill.i already said much time skill is unbalance u just keep silent there GM.
  16. Remove this clan GM...u make this clan with noobest skill...better remove this clan next update :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :pleasantry: :pleasantry: :pleasantry:
  17. She want give me 84k mcoin Vanityx write this to your blacklist :pleasantry: :pleasantry:
  18. Hey mercurial Play your ranger show your ranger arena status.amp your ranger only +5 max and show here.i dont need your word.come with your screenshot!!i dont need other word from you
  19. Azebu What u say?come with your ranger arena status.and your amp!!
  20. :rofl: :rofl: Spanish can use stealth...where i must placed dark circle :tease: :tease: How about ranger? Spanish : u cant rape me fool.i can hide :spiteful: Ranger : fu*kin Spanishs :crazy: i rape u next time And i hope PVPRANGE forgive me about SS :cray: best regard
  21. Yeah u right RANGER ARE SHIT NOT PPL SHIT Thats true!!! ;) Lets play your ranger and screenshot your arena status :spiteful: :spiteful:
  22. hey hey i already said noob character skill is different with ppl skill :mega_shok:
  23. See this in shapire 1.PVPRANGER battle 3635 win 2281 money ppl sorry PVP :pleasantry: 4.KERNLABBA battle 1500 win 1301 it will be no 1 if 3635 battle gogo kern :rofl: LOL,And dont forget to show your amp weapon +10 and doom weapon if u ranger :clapping:
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