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  1. someone said to me that, its better to stay at level 14, until you have the items you need in arena, for future use.
  2. Stop these nonsense guys.. Just enjoy the game, the real enemy in here is the MOUNTAIN CLANS. So get your char on.. Go help at pvp cave!
  3. ill try to search for the "BEST" in the game.
  4. smiile


    Dont be so childish, who do you think you are? Putting the word FILIPINOS on the line? For some childish argues.. Tzzz. Be REASONABLE bro..
  5. Nokia N73-1 S60v3 OS9.1 The game runs smooth on my phone.. It does crash sometimes.
  6. Hi my name is Ismael, but you can call me "ael" im 19, male. This game took all of my time, its my 7th day playing it, I love the people around here.. Almost all are helping each other. my character is: Smiile ranger, currently lvl14, EN-SAPPHIRE Those mountain clans are really annoying, theyve killed me like 100 times already.. Hope i can kill them too later.. Theyre traveling in packs, do i stand a chance to that? Lmao. Geez. by the way can i get some friends in here? Im kinda giving up already, those quest are too hard, :|
  7. im stuck on level 6, because of the boss i cant manage to defeat by my own self.. the pirate boss. Ign: (smiile) us-sapphire.
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