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  1. Its funny how you guys say cross fighting is noob but then you guys say its ok to kite? Cmon now its generally the same thing. Maybe you guys should visit russian server and see what their shamans do. I will say this about them. They are MASTERS at cross fighting
  2. You cant even pvp fair you just come in there and attack without signal and then run :facepalm:
  3. BD doesnt need high physical defense for this quest because they use magic I dont know which one its either sun/dark/moon
  4. lol she has a screen shot for every occasion
  5. No actually I was talking to her and I dont care if im reminded that im one of them I just reminded her that shes one of them as well. Im sorry was I moving a little to fast for you. Or as the ESL asians would say "Am i moving fast for u slow brain? Do U no know read?"
  6. You know you're one of them.....
  7. No im saying since he says he's gonna "kill me on sight" im saying he can try but im way stronger than him. Please read carefully before you comment
  8. Try me if you want swaaz noob im way stronger than you all you do is run anway :facepalm:
  9. Lol reylovo is noob he has no type of smarts hes all cash I remember he did the same exact thing when me and rokzz was killing him near nadir lol We called him "Reynobo"
  10. How about callie vs my rouge aspiree? Aww and I guess your just another eisha bandwagon jumper who thinks your her friend right? Lmfao So pathetic oh and since your bringing up level what level are you?
  11. You really only seen one picture... And thats because she used like 5 pots to kill me but shes sure not gankin my rouge
  12. Trying? Lmfao I succeeded at killing callie so many times that the druid runs every time he/she sees me oh wait are you that level 7 gateway?
  13. Oops I meant to put what Manley said is the truth. I quoted the wrong person
  14. What he is saying is the truth....
  15. Lol I did not know Odin was Afro he seemed so nice in game
  16. Sulti

    Arena Tourneys

    Yes 3 vs 3 tournaments would be a fun way to show which team has the best strategy/equip and maybe you should get off my post if your only gonna criticize a simple suggestion..
  17. Sulti

    Arena Tourneys

    If your gonna try to re word what someone says at least learn proper grammar..
  18. Well I was playing an fps game today and saw that they did weekly tourneys for clans. Well how about we start doing arena tourneys? It can go as follow: 8 teams of 3 (3 vs 3) for each level bracket Broadcasted live on twitch.tv or some other site like that Each team must have at least 1 alt Held every Friday or Saturday 1st place and 2nd place wins prizes (of course the only good prize would be Miracles Coins) The teams should have a nickname so itll be easier to do the brackets The winning team should have a MVP who would win a bonus prize (the person with the most damage/kills) This would be a good idea and would bring a competitive spark to the game. Devs if your reading this you should really consider this idea and message me for more suggestions on how to hold this would be fun event :good:
  19. Devs could make this game alot more competitive and interesting by holding 3 vs 3 weekly arena tourneys (5 vs 5 to long and 2 vs 2 to short) first place winner gets 100mc 2nd place 50 mc 3rd place 30 mc and maybe the mvp gets a bonus 50 mc (the one who has the best damage and kills) please make this game on a competitive level
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