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  1. This is bullshit why the shitty costumes win (there are many good too:)) but most are just shit there are many second prize or third price costumes who are lot better. That alligator is same as green car only face is customized! :facepalm:
  2. Niko


  3. And then when u killed dk i go online lauranie and u hav send me private first (so nobody random doesnt win)
  4. Im gonna start make very easy-very hard minigames 1-7minigames on week. I tell instructions, prize and everything on that minigame and im gonna put can u make it elf&chosen or mc&forsaken or both. MINIGAME. I : GHOSTRIDER (easy) (elfs only) Every 30minutes (minigame start 19.30 gmt+2 17.30 in london) (dk is online 10min) nadir sard there is dk(lvl3) talking virtu trader. Every 30min dk go on place on elf side (TIP: There are griffins on the place) furst who kill dk win. Prize: when u win i go play on my druid (lauranie) say number 1-5 and i complete swam quest and u get the prize. (dk goes random paths)
  5. I got android phone and i cant put items chat and its harder to use my own keyboard please put old keyboard back to warspear online :cray:
  6. My own keyboard Its harder and i cant put items chat. Im very happy if you put old keyboard in the game ( you can chance settings do you wanna play phone keybosrd or warspear keyboard!!!! Please put it back. :cray: :cray: :cray:
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