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  1. Yoh can you guys do something about st myth? The dg is good and need care till the boss, that shit is just too op, i got healer full +10 and he got oneshot multiple times, same for my dmgs they were full life steal with even life steal relics and they got killed even using hp pots,also boss deff is just stupid it seems like he have 95% damage reduced(thats why my dmg cant heal with ls lel) you guys should nerf a little really little bit the dmg from boss but the defence should have a big nerf, i got a really good +9-+10 pt and we didnt do it in 1 stam xdddd wating for fixes :v
  2. The problem is that you use more time droping your buff than atacking I done a cd-crit bd and ofcourse was good at damage but you know its really annoying drop 3-4skills every 5seconds to each fking enemy, the time u spend buffing ur self and the enemy is the time a sekker kill it 5times Same happend with a speed bd, u take more time buffing than dealing damage i think gms should make mark blade and speed skill a mana cosumes mana in time, about the new skill FOR PVP, i think gms done that bcoz of the cc chains of mcs(single target) u see as a bd that u need get close to your oppone
  3. Dude why a de deff skill for bd? There are wds to tank dude give us a skill with perma buff with mana needed in time like sekkers our bds are getting weak in damage compared to all other damagers stop pvp skills and give us a little more pve buffs:'v
  4. Hello akasha u know if there will be a special offer for restore old chars? I have months waiting for it!!!
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