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  1. Why u go a very odd route and try to sun nets the guy that's behind. Tag team 1v2 the guy on front. Should be able to burst down. Smart play is right play, also guy that you sun netted is coming off, run somewhere weird and attraction him away from fight. Crowd control wins games not going berserk and being a wild man
  2. And quick note, the Mana Regen pots from tp are amazing and very cheap. Adds 30% Mana and idk like 11 more Regen. Fun if you wanna go balls to the wall.
  3. That's sadly why I cut solar power out of my build. God I loved it very much. As post above said even with Max Regen/minus amu with Regen. You run out. I've found a sweet spot of my build where I can spam skills with only exab up. 81 Regen. Current build is 4-4-3-2-5 Max bloodthirst. I currently pull 450-600k dmg in tp myth/cc hero. Full cc 26 gear and 2hander. 2h build is amazingly fun only with high CD. We can't have best of both worlds. Choose solar OR exaberation. Simply not being able to spam skills when off CD is very silly on anyone's part. Just solar build sweet spot is 90-100 Regen. Current stats with gear only +8 27 tp axe. Prolly switch back daggers if new horror ones. We can't have it all. Pick and choose your playstyle, solar very bursty, exab sustained damage.
  4. You understand the entire issue of a seeker is no defensive trait at all right? When a rogue gets incredible increase in dodge and massive dmg output for no loss of stats. For us to have same effect we need to take a skill that makes us take +10% dmg? Thats free Fero for the enemy in a sense. We get a 550 DMG absorb sheild. Thats 1/4 of a normal crit or 1/2 of a normal dmg skill of any dmg class. For a seeker to do dmg we need to stack mana regen, sacrificing this "amazing" damage output you think we got. IE: Using pene on rings, blah blah. The fundamental problem with a seeker is he's a suicide bomber only relying on RNG - Random Number Generator of the game. Hopefully we crit, hopefully that bleed doesn't miss so we can heal from bloodthirst, hopefully that sun net timed perfect to be able to re stealth before bleed breaks. Every class has a "oh shit" button but seekers do not in any sense of the word. I enjoy seekers because they are different, but just feels like a meme class. We have 1 of everything but none of it really shines.
  5. So Exab "buff" actually adds to skill dmg now? They had it worded weird on forums and thought the dmg from exaberation just didn't show up on dmg meters. That changes everything honestly. Really thinking a CD heavy build with 2hander becoming very viable now.
  6. So the seeker exaberation dmg just isn't showing up on meters currently?
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