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  2. "We received messages from your forum mail only on 11 and 12 of Oct.And finally restored data today.Sorry for inconvenience" This is what snorlax said Snorlax pls explain what this means thanks :blush:
  3. I have still not been sent a email about my login and password i have sent multiple tickets to support over 9 days ago. I did bring this up in another topic but snorlax you said it was sorted it is not i have not been sent a email? Send one asap pls ::)
  4. I have tap joy but warspear isn't in the earn from apps section
  5. It's been 8 days now what is happening? :(
  6. No problem as long as i get my account back :blush:
  7. I have sent a few emails to support about my account being recovered that was 5 days ago when am o going to get a reply?
  8. I would like a reply soon please
  9. Hello ? Please answer I want to play
  10. Please reply again snorlax :blush: Is there anyway you can get me onto the game again? Or is there anyway so if i uninstall it and reinstall it you can give me my account?
  11. The thing is I never set a login or password and I can't enter the game to set one so what should i do? :(
  12. Are you sure it wont delete my chars if i uninstall it?
  13. Quick reply pls I want to play new update :blush: Its been a full day now still force close plsss fix
  14. StrongShot

    Force Close

    I am using android phone. I was happily walking around swamps last night when my game suddenly closed. I clicked back onto it but it didn't load game only it said "force close or report". I clicked force close then clicked warspear app again.Same again it said force close or report. Every time I click on app now it asks me force close or report. Help me please? I reported it and I have tried turning my phone off and on it still doesn't work
  15. Not trying to be mean to devs or anything but this is the worst update EVER Most mobs kill you in one hit all classes without heal are doomed.. Remove the bloody random teleport Just my opinion other may think different..
  16. Thanks for response i will try that ;D
  17. This is terrible response rate comon ??????
  18. Just to clarify you cant buy mcoin on apple devices or is my ipad screwed up?
  19. I enjoyed reading this hate to lose a good friend especially two hope he comes back :sorry: Old story i know but still...
  20. i support this mabye like 10 gold per kill :blush: over time could get rich
  21. Not to be trolling or anything but thats what makes the game dude... without 50% drop quest would be too easy. :nea: We would have like 1000 level 20 :tease:
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