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  1. As if hunter and ranger att speed skill wasnt worthy of attention XD
  2. i do agree that it needed to be nerfed , but not ENTIRELY killed , all they did was just killing the skill not nerfing it .... , they could make aoe not do dmg to destructible objects when the caster is dead , why they didnt ? it would fix the problem , and all you are doing is denying the fact that they pay more attention to elves rather than mcs XD as if templar isnt enough to shoot everyone from near flag :) look who is talking about broken tactics XD
  3. chieftains and dk lost their dmg to pylon , flags and etc .... 70% of magic dk dmgs are from knight curse which now wont do anything to destructible objects chieftains could do something from distance before by using skills that had longer range , but now they cant :) same goes with shaman fire totem , they wont do dmg to pylons now which i think is weird as hell .... , on the other side elves still have overpowered seekers which all they have to do is auto click on pylon and flags , i saw elves guild at second stage of mermen fight they use Only 5 seeker to attack pylon and the rest of the guild just use pvp and block us , same for war flags , 5 seekers will do equal dmg to 20 mcs =) , Warspear is perfectly balanced game with no exploit ;)
  4. i would like to KINDLY ask why seekers aoe can still do dmg to destructible objects ? ????????????? they should have atleast increased capture time .... how do you expect to win a castle fight when gates and throne have resilence now in only 20 min ? oO AND IM PRETTY SURE THIS ONE IS NOT AOE SKILL just make skills like these dont do dmg to destructible objects if the caster is dead , not entirely lol ... you are killing dks and chieftains in wars and mermen fights.....
  5. i think the dmg reflection change helped it a little bit , but did not change it as much as to make people go for it , from what i calculated the max reflection you can get is 31~32% (without book), but the cost is too much , you have to sacrifice other stats you can get for reflection , there is no red set of equipment for dmg reflect , and your Steal Health wont work with dmg reflect , maybe people still would go for it if there was a weapon with dmg reflect , or you would let at least half of our Steal health work with dmg reflect , this is just my opinion
  6. next they are going to cry that hunter is too overpowered :|
  7. as a chieftain myself , i do agree that nerf in magical skills was needed , but what i dont undrestand is why they nerfed the physical one too ?
  8. please let dk use Knight curse on itself , so then dk can attack gates , elm , bosses , and pylons in mermen game , it will also make +25% dmg on dk while skill on him so its not really unfair , why you dont do this ?
  9. thats the exact reason they nerfed it tho ....
  11. so uhhh . i think you didnt undrestand completely , as for number 1 on skill Call , it is total buff ... , right now Call skill have 26 sec cooldown so charmers summon wolves every 26 sec without any cd and wolf duration is 26 sec , but with what i said it will summon wolves every 15 sec , which is faster than what it is right now , also what i said wont make pve charmer but stronger , reasons are 1- wolves will follow charmer even if he change map , which is much more better because charmer have stack of 4 wolves around him with relic on Call and expert skill +70% time all the time , and wolves are not weak .... with expert skill 4/4 they do tons of dmg , for example charmer with 900 physical dmg , wolves will do 1k dmg (with expert skill that targets enemy) and they also do aoe , btw wolves attack every 2 sec .... then it is 4k dmg per 2 sec + aoe dmg which are always with charmer , i dont know what is weak about this so for 9- on what i said , nope i think you didnt test it out , charmer wolves wont get value steal health from charmer , you should test it out , and also please focus that i said it will heal charmer instead of wolves ..... and for mana regen i told you , im not talking about rings with mana regen because they dont exist at any level , im talking about crystal on lvl 13 ring and belt , also Harmony crystal is pretty cheap compared to equipments or other things , this is pay2win game bro XD i beleive what i said will make charmer extreamly powerful in pve not any weaker....
  12. i see that you call these nerf as well .... also when basic skill is energy consumption you can use relic -50% mana it consume 1- charmer can control which target wolves attack , so summons wont do what they want 2- call is already good how it is ? then u think its fair to have 4 wolf summoned in arena and they attack while even charmer is stunned ? or in wars or gvg which they will do massive aoe while take low dmg ? and i think you should know that this game is not focused on lvl 13 players honestly , please also note that lvl 13 cannot use expert skill so if u have mana regen on only belt rings and cloak you will have far more mana regen than enough ...
  13. I say this as a charmer player , that in gvg , arena , wars charmer is unbalanced .... here is my idea to Fix this class (not nerf it) lets start with the most important skill " Call " my idea for fixing this skill is this : 1-make Call skill an Energy consumption skill that summon 1 wolf every 15 sec for 26 sec 3-when charmer is stunned or is under any control skill , wolves will be also stunned 4- when charmer dies , all of his wolves will die with him 5- if charmer change location , wolves will also change location with him 6- critical dmg increase work on wolves too 7- attack str and attack speed of charmer will be added to wolves 8- wolves can now attack castle gates (or gvg gates) 9- Value Steal Health of charmer will transfer to wolves , and the dmg that Wolves deal will heal Charmer instead of wolves now for "Combat Healing" 1- if Charmer Physical dmg Value is higher than its Magical Value , this skill cannot be cast on self skill "Chaos Assistance" : 1- if Charmer Physical dmg Value is higher than its Magical Value , this skill cannot be cast on self Charmer is supposed to be able to be Healer or Tank or Damager , not to be Healer and Tank and Damager at same time i think this will fix this class for wars or arenas , for all u have to do is stun or kill charmer first and his wolves do nothing while it will also give some love to this class at pve . if you do not agree or have better idea or you think im right or wrong please let me know =)
  14. Warspear really needed this rebalance as elves lack in pvp controll and combat power (templar is good in pvp but its ONLY pvp and have mostly no use in pve so far) and mcs lack the single target dmg in pve such as seeker. Im glad devs want to do it this year, ill look forward to it
  15. well , still no fix for charmer wolves crit dmg :( (charmer wolves dont get crit dmg bonus from mermen , guild lvl 9 or shaman skill)
  16. This update is not going going to fix the charmer wolves wont get crit dmg increase buffs ? mermen cloth set and lvl 9 guild skill are useless for physic charmer ....
  17. but they can give an option for a player to change a server , even with paying mcoin . right ?
  18. because i spent lots of money and lots of time ? XD , im also hoping them merge SEA to another server tho , maybe US ?
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