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  1. Wow, its awesome display of warspear site on SMF4Mobile version, not only for iphone, iOS but also nokia symbian is even able to view this webpage version by using oupeng browser, look this! Its on my E63 screen
  2. Not only in that game, but the most of popular mmorpgs have this one, and about BOSS raid its great, anti-boring and best in game.
  3. 1. Add new potion containing life and energy and marked with purple color 2. Add incomplete rune of resilience 3. Add an item for changing item parameter 4. Add revive scroll 5. Add guild: chat, trade, event, mail 6. Add more miracle items drop from mobs or BOSS 7. Add more item upgrade ways like binding, mixing, fusion some precious stones 8. Make plus minus (+/-) for bonus stats of item 9. Add new event, BOSS raid 10. Tournament * players will receive 1 free tournament tickets every 3 hours * tournament allows to match 1v1 and 2v2 with 3-5 rounds * tournament is availlable up to 20 stages, who wins will go up 1 stage. * tournament points (TP), can be traded for new valuable items at tournament shop * players who win the battle will have chance to get item drop from their bag (5% success rate) Beginning: For example Stage 1 Battle 1, nina vs neni --> Neni has won the battle and up 1 stage +20 TP Received mid life potion Nina has lost the battle -10 TP Drop mid life potion Battle 2, nunu vs nana --> Nunu has won the battle and up 1 stage +20 TP Nana has lost the battle -10 TP No drops Battle 3, nini vs nono --> Nini won the battle and up 1 stage +20 TP Dull crystal of accuracy Nono lost the battle -10 TP Drop dull crystal of accuracy Stage 2 Neni, nunu and nini searching for new competitors, random matching... Neni vs nini Fighting... Nini won, and reaching to stage 3 +30 TP Received arena ticket Nini lost and going down to stage 1 -20 TP Drop arena ticket ... ... Etc.. TOP 20 Stages Available level 18 gears with ressilience bonus stats xD
  4. stivemob

    Warlock Guide?

    Yup, one bad thing of warlock is health regeneration, the class who doesn't have mighty/pure heal so they should have high health regeneration for fairness.
  5. stivemob

    Warlock Guide?

    For PVE, use alternatif belt enchanted with crystal of harmony, its enough to make energy regen cuz forsakens already have energy regen extra for passive skill xD
  6. stivemob

    Warlock Guide?

    PVP: Only players who playing with fast connection, can control perfectly when using two manual control skills PVE: Its easy killing green mob without getting any damage of mob, First, you should manage a potition Then put puddle 1st on mob target and lock it with dark circle --> dark arrow --> fear --> atk --> run back --> put puddle --> atk --> circle again, repeat. Now look! You still have 100% HP, no damage of mob :) LAB: Make sure you have 5th level of dark circle skill, dont use puddle on mobs cuz its just making mobs take agro on you, dont use any damage skills when running/crossing, remembering that warlock is using clothes without pure heal, and its just a luck when you get healled by a healer cuz some healer only focus on tanker, just follow them and help running by circle, done.
  7. Snorlax: U have scatter skill left. Use it!
  8. Trap and earthquake is similar skills that it will be moved automatically when being cut by charge of barbarian, although barbarian can break the trap and earthquake but barbarian is still in trap/earthquake and they are still in slowing down to atk, i think its no problem, its just for barbarian needs close in target, because when ranger put trap and run back, and if barbarian can't break it, so barbarian will lose range and no chance to do any atk cuz ranger can make barbarian to be more far away by knocking back with scatter.
  9. Yes, i saw at 3 Kingdom Online (sanguo), we can switch off the MAP by pressing '0' button.
  10. It's already exist, you can show or hide small MAP in settings, but it would be great if we can set a transparancy of MAP
  11. Enemy will be marked only in the same area you standing and only visible in small MAP not in MAP menu.
  12. That's why you have no knowledge about the game. Take a look on Google, and try to find info about necromancer's skill builds. One of good skills of necro they have abillity to reborn from the death, if in Warspear those skill is exist, maybe Necro has skill for once reviving chance and after reviving they recover 50% of HP, and in the 2nd death they should respawn at statue, but it will be complicated since available reviving with miracle coins (real money).
  13. stivemob


    Barbarian with good brain keeping chop at level 1 and using it just for disabling stealth, slowing down and casing enemy.
  14. Yes, Warspear isn't those game, but all mmorpg has similar structural, just different in system. And you never realize that the game you are playing is similar like WOW.
  15. I think people with brain is waiting for new skills and new level cap.
  16. Even in simple mmorpg has 20 skills build, you must not learn it all, you just have to focus what your charateristic is and set a hotkey for main skills.
  17. Next: 12. Great moment: BOSS raid Many mmorpgs have this moment! Really wanted. Everyone (all factions) will participate to get a drop from BOSS raid, of course they will start a war to get the first. 13. Inventory * enable to arrange or move items in inventory * add pages of inventory by turn left - right * add new place for deposit or bank, to save items and add password option to open 14. Connection type option, internet, WAP or use HTTP proxy 15. Add menu "buy coins" at the beginning menu after loggin in before entering the game
  18. It will be added new miracle item to be invisibility mode, so that enemy can't see you in MAP.
  19. look this! i don't know what skill name of paladin which they can throw something huge material in area, it effects to reduce enemy's defense, i always see that paladin's skill in many mmorpg. Anyone know what is that skill name?
  20. But by showing red icon (enemy) in small MAP it will be more fun, interesting and more challanging. In general mmo, the structural of skills are depending on levels. If in future of warspear adding new skills for all class, it would be issue that all skills can be used by low level char, maybe stop at 5 skills for level 1-20, for next levels should be restricted by levels, its normal procedural of skill. And about skills, it would be nice if skills built in tree. I can imagine in future, for example lighting ball skill will be upgraded to be next skill for new high level char, for example lighting ball 50-300 dmg (lv1-20) --> Storm of moons 150-450 (lv25-lv30) ---> Dragon fury 250-600 (lv40)
  21. Most of popular mmo, to get new skills we should learn it by level. It's too strange if level 1 characteristic has 5 skills already. The negative issue the low char will use it for spaming skill. All mmo i have been playing they have skills tree required by a level and we can still upgrade with skill points. Its not problem showing enemy in MAP, almost mmo having that feature, we can see the enemy in current area (small MAP).
  22. 1. Show enemy in MAP, signed with color like red. 2. Manual attributes * Strength * Health * Energy * Abillity 3. New potion that containing HP and mana for instant cure, like purple fluid 4. BOSS or mobs should be drop some random premium items, not only spheres. 5. Enable trading live in chat, not have to go at same area 6. During trading, add chat space for communication 7. Add treasure items drop from strong mobs (yellow) and BOSS, like topaz, ruby, crystal, stone that we can sell it with nice price like 100-500 gold per items. 8. Add treasure island and some chests containing potions but sometimes containing poison or mobs that can hurt you 9. Add PVP island & PK mode 10. New skills for every levels, it means skills need required level, example: Freezing shot is available for level 15 11. Add new reward quest: skill reward, that we can choose which one to get. Ex: skill reward for level 25 Option: * Partial spell * Falling stones * Wolfs raid Ranger * Poisonous arrow * Spiked land * Fairy 12. Add archievements. Thx for reading.
  23. its joke that rich hassn with all +10 gears lost many fights, maybe he was always facing rangers with 2K critical of ranger, lol spending much money just for giving head to ranger.
  24. Many rangers camping arena with some rangers too like Deokman got partner with Wolfsy, imagine, if both rangers succes attacking one target, the target will suddenly die although u have 5K def (rich barbar/BD). Rangers are like having infinite health when they can't be touched and can deal more dmg by just standing. Rogue needs to run to stun and stealth, barbar needs to taunt and and back 2 steps to charge, shaman needs to blind and heal, druid needs to entagle root and run heal, these classes need hard word to do tactic but ranger just stand putting trap in front of him, and just shoot and click blassing+scatter, so calm and win.
  25. stivemob


    I saw in every war and arena its too many with rangers. All people sure having brain and reason why ranger is good, and GM never look at ranger's secret.
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