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  1. Xredbirdx is my Druid's name and you most likely know that one because 2-3 years ago I didn't have my Bd (Xbluebirdx) yet :3

    I sadly don't have any other characters which are of much importance xD but I used to hang out a lot at pvp cave that time.

    I eventually gave up on pvp cave and spent more time on the open field. Especially after the first 2 new skills came out and balance was turned on it's head.

    Plus no rules out on the open field, only survival of the fittest. Lol Where my tactics applied the most. So I most likely saw you on one of my killing sprees.


    In any case, which part of the world do you hail from? :)

  2. Hey guys, a ghost from the long lost past checking to see what is new. What has changed over the past 3 years? Who is still playing?
    Those who remember me, love to catch up with ya. Friends or even former foes. Those who never met or known me, nice meeting ya.

    I obviously haven't forgotten about Warspear, nor the people I connected with especially. Even though I have no intention of going back to that former mess (or possibly still is), I am curious to see what happened in the past 3 years. And ultimately, see what has become of the old community I was apart of.


    My story is a bit long, so I'll spare the details until asked. But know that my life had a dip, but is now turning toward the best.


    Lets chat. Show and tell. lol Would be nice to talk with you all again.


    - Zythus

  3. Check pummys Video shane


    Nice vid.


    5 nights at Freddies wasn't it? Weird game but has a funny feel to it.


    Well, I'll catch up with you sometime.  Haven't been on kik for the longest, hence why you've never heard of me.


    Actually, when and where you want to catch up at? A few events happened since we last spoke.

  4. 5 nights at Freddies wasn't it? Weird game but has a funny feel to it.


    Well, I'll catch up with you sometime.  Haven't been on kik for the longest, hence why you've never heard of me.


    Alright. Will be waiting on it.



    always put a face an a voice to everyone. ;D  idk why just do, ment no offense by it. your beautiful :give_rose: .


    What was mine in your mind?  :unknw:

  5. Well that's crap, I was expecting some hope.


    Any plans for the future? Maybe a trip to Japan would do good


    I just finished a video about a new short game I'll post soon. But as for Japan, I do still intend to visit there, however the trip will be a lonely one.

  6. My sega genesis is still fully functional after 20 years. Lol I'll never give up that thing. So compare that with the ps1 (which I still have with 2 memory cards).


    Recently I've been playing Crash Bash. Having a few laughs playing the toxic dash level. Maybe when I get a dazzle attachment, I can record my next video with a game that is actually FUN.

  7. Don't worry. It doesn't bother me anymore. Thing I find hilarious now is I've long learned who this really is.


    So "Midori", or should I say Keizsha, how is your sad attempt to get back at me coming along? I love it when you put so much effort into revenge just to make yourself look like a jackass.

  8. Im not fake. Shane is my luv :( here look at my facebook and add me as friend. Ask me if shane schmidt or zythus is my boyfriend. He is on my relationship status too.


    You zhurunghu u have bf in real? Why steal my boyfriend? U desperate? Or u use him for money to buy u items? U are really bad u steal my boyfriend!


    Yes you are ♥♥♥♥ing fake. I'm talking to her right now as I type this.  :wacko:

    Are you just relying on what info you're seeing on her fb and just guessing the rest? Lmao I have to ask at this point: how did you possibly think this was going to work?


    If you're not fake as you say, tell me what is the worst topic me and My don't talk about? Good luck trying to guess that one.

    And the real My wouldn't ignore my posts either.

  9. My boyfriend is Shane Schmidt. His char name Zythus Nightbell l Silentsnow and koluza. I see on his forum profile has zhuronghu call him babe. Stealer boyfriend girl. :(


    I got one question for ya: who the duck are you? I never engaged to My yet. And there is no way in hell My would know my shaman. And she's not like this.


    I talked to the real My seconds ago. Who the duck are you?

  10. You see, what's happening here is that the pillsbury ♥♥♥♥boy is running out of dough, so he's using paleo shit so that anyone with a half a brain cell wont guess him raging.  ;) ;D


    Hes been running out of dough! Watching him brag about something is just like watching a paraphlegic tell a normal person that he walks funny. And watching him defend himself is just like hearing him say "I'm not stupid! I'm just possessed by a retarded ghost!"  :wacko:


    And now I know even his trolling fails. "Herp derp, your socks are green!"  :facepalm:

    Now pro pretender, don't feel bad. Everyone is gifted in their own way... just some open their package sooner.  :crazy:

  11. Zythus pots.



    Also, your all just jealous of me again i see.


    :wacko:  What the duck? What the duck is that?

    I was expecting... more... Thats just as insulting as "herp derp, guess what? Your socks are green! :crazy: "

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