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  1. lol and who is x6t3nc3?? just wondering never seen that name b4.........
  2. and saddest personal life pic goes to...........................................
  3. lmfao why u always photoshop ur pics???? :clapping:
  4. lol do u even know what chronoz means or do u just like to ride his dick? and im pretty sure its sonogod, i think sonofgod was talking before that homo could get it.....i dont know what edgeshadow means but i guess it sounds cool and he is a beast......... on that char ;) .....lol..........not sure why u think trixter is cool, maby u are a little kid that likes to play tricks on ppl or some shit......hes a cool dude tho not hatin on him, now Afro is a legit opinion :aggressive:
  5. LMMFAO how was i never aware of this converstion before??
  6. BURNNN, WHO IN THE duck R U "POSTAL DUDE", state ur weak ass elf name so i can add u to the gank list. "You are dead"
  7. EDGESHADOW IS THE BEST DRUID IN THE GAME. Done. Ulti does whoop Saffo. Edge whoop ulti. Done.
  8. LOL what am i "talkign" about? Dude slow down your typing, i know you are nervous reponding to me cause you know that I know that you are a fraud. You did beat me the first time, using agg, no one uses agg to start, no one besides you, i have fought around 10 BDs and none tricked me into using agg like you, then after i lost i said "use parry", and then we did that and u lost, now i think i need to explain to you why everybody in the uses parry not agg but im not going to,.......after i beat u with the parry start u never came back, we have tryed endless amounts of times to get u back and u refuse. LOL " i wait on poo u all kill me talk about cheat" the only time this happens which is all the time is in arena you delusional fat kid. :facepalm:
  9. LMMFAO SONO, First of all u cheat, no real bds use agg to start u duckin pussy Second u are scared to pvp, me, tannex, galvatron all waiting u liar. Third stay off these threds, I duckin owned u when u started with parry like everyone else does, lol then u never came back, and u still refuse to come, lol u lost to my 7s with ur +10 and 9, lol ur prolly amped even more after u lost
  10. We really need to establish pvp rules, as in starts. It is a fact that when anybody fights a BD u start on parry, Anybody who starts with aggression is a pussy noob cheater. We need to establish other starts as well. Nobodys reads this section so we should probobly do this on general.
  11. :shok: Kos u really just say that^^^???? :shok: To skinhead gang, You are all terrible, my un-official click would own you in pvp or a gangfight, you must be extremly embarrassed that you are in a "gang" in a role playing game, the ultimate losers, people join gangs in real life becuase they are scared and they need to join a gang for protection, and here yall are joining a gang in a false reality, LOL i would get my ass beat (in real life) if i told someone I was in a "gang" in a video game, and yall are on here doing it with pride. Yall are the ultimate losers in this sad ficticious world and not only that you emulate one of the weakest and hypocritical gangs in the world. Yall are just plain sad, I cant believe you actually made this goofy ass "gang" and I hope all you "gangsters" come after me and galvatron, "WE AINT NEVA SCARED!" :diablo:
  12. WHAT ^^^?? Are you saffo? and who is Udin???
  13. lmao sono dont ever talk to me again
  14. dude i envade shops at riff and elf town for everyday by myself and duck shit up. Me and Tann both. So much even this is gettoing boring and repetitive. (NOT Bragging, just being infromative).
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