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    Dariantes got a reaction from Akasha in [2018.09.13] Atualização 7.7: Poder oculto. Lançamento   
    Minhas considerações:
    1- Minions não desaparecem mais com a morte do personagem e permanecem no local. Eles vão esperar pela ressurreição de seu mestre. Quando o personagem é ressuscitado, o lacaio irá se mover para junto do personagem. Você não perderá seu fiel assistente em caso de uma morte inesperada. 
    Juro que quando li isso meus olhos chega encheram e agua e quase choro de felicidade.
    2- Houve muitas  melhorias e estou bem satisfeito. Boa arigrid!
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    Dariantes got a reaction from Turtle in [2018.03.06] Update 7.4: Battle of Kings. Release   
    Honestly, I'm very happy with this new bonus that was released for the weapons. These are certainly the best weapons for the PVE focus.
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    Dariantes got a reaction from LUIZFRL in [2017.12.08] Atualização 7.3: Sopro de geada. Prévia   
    Achei um canal do youtube com link do serv test
    espero que ainda esteja on e dê pra testar
    não sei por que nao botaram o link no forum. estou de 3 em 3 horas olhando o forum pra baixar o test e nada
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    Dariantes reacted to Balavan in Some suggestions/fixes developers NEED to concern about!   
    taking advantage of this topic, could add the option of using two-hand maces for charmers, they are completely obsolete in the game, and would be great for the charmers.

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    Dariantes got a reaction from Higgings in Some suggestions/fixes developers NEED to concern about!   
    Additional ideas:

    6 - Delete an expert skill.

    Using an ncp in guid castles a character from any alliance could remove an expert skill for another in place by paying a price on crimson corridom. What could be quite fair after all would be 40k lost. Let's assume that the price for this skill service would be 2000 corridons.
    Note: The expert skill would be lost and would disappear when using this service.

    7 - Traps and skills to detect traps.

    I play dungeons & dragons, I know warspear online has nothing to do with this board game. But ... I admit that in my opinion "I think" that it would be interesting in the new maps to have traps that would only be detected by ladinos and explorers (or in the towers) And if the characters passed through the trapped areas they would be triggered and they would suffer MUCH DAMAGE. In case they would be invisible and would only appear when the character used the skill in a certain area.

    8 - A tower in Kotaravva.

    A tower available for players from level 14. The drop levels in this tower could be: 14,16,18,20. (Easy, normal, hard and heroic.)

    9 - THE HELL

    I know the map of ayvondil is not yet complete. My suggestion this my idea is not something I would expect to happen tomorrow. It's something to think about in the future maybe in a few years ...

    Basically I've been thinking about this idea for a long time ... And it's basically my dream since I started playing warspear a few years ago. Hell would be a map accessed just inside a portal at the end of ayvondill. Where both the legion and the sentinels could not attack and would have to work as allies to face an extra-planar evil.

    Of course, remembering our beloved historians warspear the nameless is the demon who leads the outlaws. But let us suppose that in the new story of this map this demon would have defied the sovereignty of the nameless and created a plan to attack and destroy the whole world of the game.

    Part 1 - Operation:

    The hell would be separated by very dangerous areas (indicated for players of level 30+) where one the personage could send party for anyone. (Even for an enemy faction ally). In this area they would have specific missions and new towers.

    The new purpose of this map would be for both factions to unite in a contestation to close the demonic portals that send demons to all the maps available in the game.

    If the characters succeeded in winning the contest, they would receive some buff like the ones they receive when they conclude an event.

    Part 2 - Contension, demonic portals and curse.

    These portals would be randomly opened on all maps if sentinel and legion alliances combined failed to defeat certain bosses in towers, or complete missions in a certain period of time that would be called "The War of Contention." If this event was unsuccessful and both sides could not contain the threat (OR PLAYERS DO NOT REGULARLY SPARE WHAT HAPPENS IN THE LEGION OF MY SERVER !: biggrin :) would be cast a curse on "All" maps that would open portals with demons to disrupt all players.

    Usually these creatures would appear near the city gates to stop players from leaving. (Serial something to disrupt even after all is a curse)

    The level and difficulty class of these creatures would be random. We could see level 28 monsters in a level 5 character area. Which would force the stronger characters to return to the initial maps or Iselnort to help their faction. (And we would also give a new use to that guild skill that invokes the allies for the leader)

    Concluding ... There would be new missions aiming to get the players to return to these early maps in case the curse was thrown to eliminate the monsters. What would be a kind of "incentive" for them to come back and do something about it. Also a new source of extra Guid points.

    Sorry for my bad English. 
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    Dariantes got a reaction from Akasha in [2017.10.20] Teste a atualização 7.2. Episódio II   
    Ótima atualizacão!

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