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    Amp System

    It fails way to much. That's the thing its supposed it be by luck or chance so that means its un fair because for some it will go well and others tuff luck they should make it somehow equally fair for all meaning no lucky or un lucky but all having same luck and equal opportunity within amplification system. Making it much more of a level playing field for all rich or poor.
  2. Much love to the Kazien klan gang :good: A solid group of very powerful and big hearted guys! Just wanted to say thank you for always helping a girl love ya guys :give_rose: keep it strong!!! Always a friend Sheza >:D
  3. Q unda Hornig ;D nice photo :good: looking good!
  4. My entry for photo contest ! My horse and I playing warspear on a sunny San Diego day :drinks:
  5. How can you lie so bad about time period of which server and game would be down! Atleast have a little value to your promises or advisement of issues at hand. I'm sure you know what your doing better than what it appears u do :wacko:
  6. WTH is going on with server maintenance is it like never ending or what? Come on guys put little hustle in this fix! Start it back up already.... >:D :wacko:
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