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  1. Agree to this. I wouldn't mind AT ALL having and ultra op class if it'd be ULTRA difficult to master AND arena matching would be totally ballanced. I would suggest devs to take a look into this.
  2. I agree perma stuns are not fine, but balance can be in 2 ways: 1. It's the balance you said about, balance 1v1 so group figts are also balanced. 2. Balance only on the overall image. The first way of balancing is pretty straight forward, let's say the following numbers are indexes of power on a scale from 1 to 100: Char x1: 78 VS Char x2: 75 Team 1: Char y1: 76 VS Char y2: 79 :Team 2 (221 Power Points each team) Char z1: 67 VS Char z2: 67 But on the other hand, in the 2nd way of balancing it would look more like this: Char x1: 42 VS Char x2: 90 Team 1: Char y1: 86 VS Char y2: 43 :Team 2 (218 Power Points each team) Char z1: 90 VS Char z2: 85 (consider the example above with different chars but all same lv and same items+10) I don't know if it makes total sense but in my head that example comes like this: You can either have classes with power in a smaller range, that would be making them balanced for 1v1 also, but you can also have classes with power in a much larger range and that would make perfect balance in team play as well as the first method of balancing, but would completely destroy the balance in 1v1 fights. And devs definitely went for the 2nd method maybe because it requires you to put more thinking into the fight. I mean that they may be looking for smart players, or else if you don't know how to cooperate in a fight with your teammates, you may feel totally disadvantaged. I think this is a good thing tho, they may have a good purpose after all. But dang, they put lock as the one on top atm xD
  3. Because that is what you are doing. Anyway I complained about bds counter too, agree. I complained about charmer too, then they killed it and I compllained about that too. But lock, guys you just have to leave lock alone, if you take away what lock has right now it will have nothing, lock without his stun cycling is nothing. Even a good amped lock with decent amount of resi dies in 1 hamstring, if bd starts. That is what lock is, an op kiter, of course I don't like playing against it and look what I found to be a good way to avoid locks: Instead of going high lv where locks have 5 stuns, I stay in the range of lv10-17 where lock has only 2 stuns, range of lvls where there are no expert skills and so there is a bit more balance. I like low lv, and in my oppinion if someone is bothered by the imbalance that high lv chars and expert skills brought to the game, the only permanent solution is to make a low lv char and start developing in that low lv chars community. But lock's stuns are all it has, take them away and lock will die as a race in few weeks, maybe months, then other chars will start overpopulating because there is no lock there to keep them in place. It's like in nature, you know? One race kills another
  4. ................................................. .............................................. ................................................. ............................................. .................................................. ................................................ ................................................. Did you REALLY say that?
  5. Yes, that's true, And yes also true!! BINGOOOOO!!! You just got all the answers you were looking for, now would you close the topic?
  6. I didn't say it's balanced, I say it's unbalanced and it's okay this way. Learn to read. So you agree, then why all this whinning about it? So you are looking for an argue? You are looking for a fight, is that what you are doing? Last thing,
  7. I'm not argueing with anyone and I'm not favorizing locks as I don't like to pvp vs them. BUT I realize this is the way devs created the game, they made it clear by saying this is how it's supposed to be, they talked in open disscutions with players about this and they decided to leave it just the way it is, because this is how it's supposed to be. It's not argueing. It's not fighting. I mean, I'm not argueing and I'm not fighting, I just see you keep on whining so I repeat what is already known, I will repeat myself until you will be able to face the reality of this game. Did you do the labor of researching before comming to talk about things you know? No you did not, so please don't ask me to do stuff (that I already did tho). The only major nerf bds ever got was counter. And you know why? Simply because it was not supposed to be that way. There is no other reason, no hidden messages, nothing. This is the reality, devs wanted to design a team-play game so they made it that way. Again, you don't like 1v1? Who makes you do 1v1? I don't think you have any obligation to, so don't do it, ot don't whine about it. There is enough proof on the forum, go ahead and find it yourself. Who am I to help you when you don't ask nicely?
  8. Agree But, they will not be nerfed because, as I mentioned above, they are meant to be the way they are, just as the game is designed for team play and not for 1v1.
  9. Okay, but you do realize that this is like the 10000nd topic about locks, don't you? Why don't you just give up? Lock and charmers were made to be the way they are, just as the game was made for team play, not for 1v1. Face reality already and quit this whining.
  10. Oh my god if that is the same thing...... It's embarrassing, how can you say something like that? Please check your grammar and then check mine, I think the award goes to you, my dear friend. " its the devs who will say that " And yes, they did, as I said above, do some reasearch on forum before talking on a topic you have no idea about, but you refused to do that. So stop.
  11. So what people say and what you understand. We stated that the game is not meant for 1v1, never said it's not necessary I know I said I'd leave but this is just too funny
  12. As I understand none of it's meaning (if it has any at all) I consider replying in this topic anymore is a waste of time. Lets just wait and see what happens in few hours. Have a lovely day evryone!
  13. First of all I didn't say that. Secondly you finally start to admit my point and I'm glad to hear that, hope in the end you will understand and I'm looking forward to a future where you can leave away 1v1 pvp and aim your attention towards what devs make the game to be. I don't think he is a GM, in fact I know he is not. It's just that if he remembers something that I do and others do also, I bet there's something more behind that you are missing. I'm not some kind of serveant so I'm not going to look for all those times devs said that. Help yourselves and do some research deeper in the forum, like yes (I know it's going to be hard for you guys), but, unfortunatly, you have to go deeper than this "cry" section where people like me and @Higgings come open hearted and try to help you understand at least the basics. If you don't want our help then fine, I'm okay with that, I don't need to fuel my ego as I see you do, but then it means you are smart and strong enough to understand all this by yourselves and stop complaining and crying, right? Now, are you capable of doing that or not? Go research!
  14. Uhm yes they did And who did you say is the 13 years old? The one who understands how this game works or you, who are whining here about something that is made clear that it's supposed to be the way it is. One last thing, watch your language. Next time you are getting reported.
  15. Let me show you what I think of your ego: If it's not made for 1v1 then it's totally common sence to be unbalanced so that players can't do 1v1. It's made like that on purpose, you know what that means? On purpose? So yes, devs made chars unbalanced on purpose so that you can't do 1v1. They said it many times. You just have to remember, or you are missing that brain function?
  16. Let me tell you why: because it is NOT meant for 1v1, you have to team up to kill some chars :/ And you say "logic" like you'd be some kind of smart guy, let me give you bad news, you are not even mediocre, you are below that. Go find out what logic is before telling me about it. Good luck, you will need it!
  17. Hahahaha @ELASIRI that's 100% accurate. +, as me and devs said COUNTLESS times: THIS GAME IS NOT MADE FOR 1V1. You don't like 1v1? Fine, stop doing 1v1 then :/
  18. First of all this game is NOT made for 1v1 pvp-ing. This is a strategy-war game, why do you think there is no 1v1 arena system? Also this is a lot of a pve game too, as mentioned above. If you don't like 1v1 then don't play 1v1. If you like it but you can't win against certain classes then try playing those classes and you will see those classes also lose vs certain classes. Master all the classes and then start complaining. Also, if the game would be 100% balanced then who would win a pvp? Lag? I don't know if you realize this but what determins a win is an imbalance. Look at pvp necro vs priest, that is a 90% balanced pvp and it usually takes anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes (YES, I have experienced that) and that is not fun at all. So after all there MUST be some imbalance in game. If it would be 100% balanced then win would be determined by lag/amps, and then you would start complaining about people amping. Take it this way: try to think of warspear as it would've had Warlocks as a char ONLY. Try to imagine if that would be even funny. No, it wouldn't, so stop complaining and do your job or stop playing. Simple.
  19. So the 7.1.0 update came up on iOS AppStore only this afternoon. Game downloads, update goes well, all fine, but when it gets to logging it stays on the "Connecting" screen forever. Basicly after update is impossible to login. Help please, thank you!
  20. @Daria How much longer do we have to wait for update to be released? ^_^
  21. I know, they ducked necro up big time in means of experts. They shouldn't have touched it, was better before
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