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  1. Duh I'm not best mage ofc not. Just nobody win me :[.. N u up +9 now jr. Sucurs ofc would win because have set dd set sun set moon. I don't play THAT serious as to get 4sets n switch.. Sun stay at 15% n i don't care.. Out
  2. U can't see my side of the coin.. That's what i don't get... N pls answer whole post. Don't just defend the "cry" part. It's unessential really. Hate on. //Mdea, Faan, Ranger 20 nobody know?
  3. Last rant. No disrespect to bomb but have to set straight.. He 586dmg 5400def approx.. And when ppl see that they assume he best player.. I for example built my char for pvp.. So ofc lower def example. I'm 556dmg(mix) 4606def(res runes), 15.2% res.. Well he certainly best hunt gear. Pvp? No.. My secret.. 26.9% crit using 100% heavy armor.. (No set bonus ofc). Ps. Thank very much for u who voted me. And sry to those I've been an ass to (always have my reasons i think tho). //Mdi
  4. Btw i repeat.. Pls add subsonic to list guys
  5. Thanks.. Try to. But if flooded with pm i might miss. And that makes many think i selfish idiot.. Even some my old pals now. Breivig bro sry. Yeye.. Well, bomb lost to sub n me. (Long time since pvp bomb).. Sub lost today 3x0 best of 5 BUT we so damn even could be otr way around rly.. Last one we did i had 140hp left :) To pala lovers.. Gabarunth same vs me. But now he stronger. Would be cool pvp again.. Hassn.. Char hassn barb stats 3win 1loss.. Funniest was he had me down 1500hp vs 3600hp n i won :D Buud ran away.. Now only jump. Saaed, well i only pvp melee vs melee. Ranged vs ranged. Imho more fair n fun. Moreb, look above. If he online beestman i rly want pvp tho. Karsa got my vote finally because tactical n +7+8+9 amp. Good guy. Rogues, barbs, dk who want pvp send pm to mdea or faan if online.. Last, darkzain rogue (42% dodge omg), dodge x6 in a row but he lost (only 15.8% acc). :D Then ofc he ganked me.. What did i expect? Lol.. //Mdea, Faan, Foxy, Aserone, uMomma.. Out buy street cheat (powder form)..
  6. U did? Omfg.. Fix it!!! I care so much I'm I'm I'm I don't know! //Pro
  7. Asim taking 2d game serious. Pathetic. If u don't like my bad humor ignore me as i will u. //Mdea, Faan.. EU-INDO-BR-Emerald..
  8. Have patience.. GMS puting back items one by one it seems. NEWS: Database corrupted, reverting to 2011 backup.. (I wish). //Idiot
  9. Over 1000ppl on forum. I go out in dangerous rl. Wish me luck (ofc im armed). Ridiculous.. (Y me too). //mDea - (methylene-dioxy-ethyl-amphetamine)
  10. I go play ****** *******. //Mdea, Faan (Don't advertise other games here, first warning!)
  11. I vote add sub to list.. (If not already). Lazy to check. Btw pvp sub i like us very even.. And bomb u still use 4.6% res bro? Just tip.. Res btr phy def at pvp. But i think u changed since 4.6% i hope.. Regards //Mdea, Faan (gf acc)..
  12. Ofc.. Jr. I'm nub only maybe but why cry because couldn't stay in u guild? Gifts? Pfff.. Whatever, former friend n comrade.. N sry they made me choose. I'm not treated same as otrs in legends dunno why. Lost heir, etc would loose "my" kindred (legends rename) if stay. N been that guild 2year when we was countering wog. Look up what kindred mean if don't know. It family wog was selfish. But can't say legends more wog now unfortunately. Anyway i still like u (as before). Hate on bro. //Mdea, Faan..
  13. New at mage, Faan. 390sun dmg 20% res 20% dd 25% moon, 3125hp pvp set. Amp +10 arena/ +9 prince rod. But! Amp 9,8,7,6 armor. So don't say I'm only "hi amp". Want more pvp try tho....... Pm in game. My vote go sucurs (tho he hate me), magesaver, jatsr (maybe).. Mage, jat +10 sd.. Just curious.. Who more +10 arena charge at eu? Haven't heard of this yet.. Imho (there too btw)best mage stave should be arena 17 prince 18 sd. 30sign +9-+10.. Rich or lucky? 70sign prince +4-+9.. Rich? Go away.. //Mdea
  14. Am no forum freak. If mistake. I don't care :D.. Have i ever made sense in game? Why think i would here? ;) (Btw if mofh or hassn read they'll "probably" understand.. Trust me :D) //Mdea (md, mdi, rich noob), Faan (sam beg u don't drop another prince rod ;))
  15. About cheat.. Try Pm char hassn, moreb, saaed on mc side or bestmaan, hassnhero, chrystall elf (or any otr acc he bought).. No2. Use amp trick n make +10 (no cheat tho).. N omg someone have any idea how to actually stop aoa from makin 5x5 pts killing themselves? (Only chance for em to win). Had lots of fun mess u up so u didnt win last tourney. Thats my gift to u hassn (gifted u 2nd together with good friends lol).. +hassn (selfappointed "KING" or 2d game) please go back to school n learn some english. Last. "U are a tavern ;)" Mofh was laughing u in face in pm.. Message me for screens if wanna see how bought friends turn on u if not fed mc. //Mdea, Faan (gf acc)..
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