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  1. Yea easy raezor we can just rush over the circle pro ur a pro man rush over the circle it is
  2. BRO I am not telling we want it back for pvp I AM SAYING IF NOT FOR PVP WE WANT IT FOR PVE..............................
  3. Well ham plus rush is too op thats ur arguement? or tank has too much dps?Well they have silence chain stuns on mc side totems heal and damage ? isnt that a bit too op? rush doesnt work half the time either we get stun or they dont get stunned by rush.Bds dont have a high crit rate too if u want that you ll need to wear leather arm tht makes us less tanky then and even if we use crit crystals we have to sacrifice on other stuff like mana regen which we cant. Am just saying COUNTER BACK FOR PVE. Where are other bds am alone here HELLLPPPP!!!!
  4. Ham Ham Ham its so stupid basically we are nothing without ham and we cant ham without getting near them which we cant AND btw counter was nerfed cause of people crying that bds are too hard to kill in pvp it is impossible for it to be nerfed for pve i wouldnt believe anyone who said that and is gonna say it.People crying about ham and counter is well know to us bds.Ofc i also said if not for pvp atlest for pve? Dont say nerfed cuz of pve again thats lame baseless. PS: Blade dancers help here :(:
  5. Even if we have a poll idk if the devs will take the poll serious we need a vote really
  6. avoid it? well circle is not the only thing tht stops us getting to em and activate relic? really? Its not a skill u can just activate.
  7. Really whats the point of being op when u can reach ur enemy.Like really? +10 lock vs +10 bd i ve seen it cant even ham.Ok druid we might kill song fails then yea but druid be lik 4/4 song 1/4 link for pvp then ur rekt.Shield what are u talking about,sometimes we cant even activate our shield.we cant rush in they ll just stun and i ll be like here we go again.And btw its not only bds that cant beat locks others cant too except ranger. P.S:bds arent overpowered PERIOD
  8. No its pretty sad to see bds getting chain stuned and boom.Whatever tricks you may use its usless,its pretty annoying.If you guys dont want counter back.I request the devs to get it back for pve atleast.And its true that we wasted 40k gold with we all know we wont be getting back.So for pve pls???
  9. Guys Here`s the thing,BD IS NOT OVERPOWERED.If you are say that,then its stupid or you dont know the game well.How about warlock or druid chain stuns not a single chance to get close to them.Well i have +10 amp on arena gear and am unable to touch a warlock its hard.They do the same thing over and over again until we die.You think its fair?No its not.Ok if you dont want it in pvp atleast for pvm.basically its stupid to ask for pvm cuz bd can easily tank monsters but i hate that bds got nerfed.Most classes got chain stuns or something or heal.Well rogues dont but they have stealth.I just want counterattack back to normal or i should say we want counter attack back.
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