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  1. 2 years ago we did  1 week  war ....big big war.... once u decide who'll be the leader ... pls pls   ....pass the  message to your GUILD MEMBERS


    The real Boss s Poley !  nobody like her ...

  2. no way......  why  attk him...is not  a stupid post....  !  All know  since the beginning  the amplification and all the prices for the bd ( n only for bd coz in Mcs prices are differents ) are totally differents  compare to  all other classes....( the example is the new sword 19 compare to all new lv 19 weapons...only that shitty sword cost  too much...other weps  s like gifts ) .


    Bd  still die  against Rogue . 

    Rogue have  best Attk - Best Crit - the chance to attk u in stealth mode , and they add another DMG  skill...and what for the bd.....THE RUN SKILL .. ( no word abt that skill... ).  The Bd is the last  char for  devs ... when all other classes are able to kill him easy..maybe they fix some things or add a skill...




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