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  1. i think is better to wait for more space in clan for come back to the game :D
  2. tealk with chro i will come back whem they will do guild
  3. not work guysss :( i think i delet somthing likce java or some file i dont know :(... What i do now?
  4. he say to me thet i cant instal ws in this phone whay?
  5. whay i cant play any more with nokia c6?
  6. we will come back when they will do new update i will be active ;)
  7. bro i will come bk when they will do the guild ;)
  8. wtf so they need to bann all the game now i wills tart post ppl with 2 acc i want to see if they bann them "-.-
  9. lol i dont know whay they bann me the risone is more of 1 acc "-.- so duck this game there is ppl here with 50 acc and they come to bann my? wtf is this game?
  10. i try to get in my acc and he say thet i got bann bacz i got 2 acc "-.- i got 5 pc in home my giro got 4 i got 3 phone my girl 4 i got 4 friend thet play so on what i got bann? "-.-
  11. they do it bacz they want thet ppl put $ on mc item now u can do gold only if u heve $ :D
  12. we come back and now we get start with farm and event ;)
  13. good good the site of the clan will open this week afther thet i done with my problem in my femigli ;)
  14. sombady here can say me what he think abuot? :D
  15. sombady say this :D it is true :D
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