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  1. Hello! its very cool the music is back but .. Unfortunetly where is the music in Ayvondil map :(
  2. Cool update! But, my question is more will we get different items of the mobs, for example, a leg of wild boar, the fur of the wolf or all of these will be completely replaced only with gold? (except for the quest ones of course)
  3. Hello, This is the story for the costume Somewhere under the sun, reigned one pharaoh. He was a good and fair. All considered him the wisest man in these lands. He had two small sons - Shams(Sun), firstborn and Yamar(Moon). When the time came for one of them to become pharaoh, the old father called one by one his sons, and to each said that the other would become pharaoh (He wanted to test them). Yamar no major claims and accepted, but Shams, who was convinced that will be the new pharaoh offended too much. His anger increased so the same night he killed his brother. The old
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