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  1. Ya dont forget to add me too :facepalm: what a stupid topic.. I do not see the probem with playing both sides and believe you are taking this faction thing WAY too serious.. While I can understand that others act like assholes because they are elf or whatever there is no reason to forget that this is simply a game, not a way of life.
  2. Actually it does reduce enemy accuracy to zero but that just means it doesn't cut into the chance to dodge. Heres an example... I have 30% dodge, my enemy has 9% accuracy, this means my dodge to my enemy is 21%. Kick will eliminate my enemies accuracy for a short period of time bringing my dodge back to 30% during that time so even with this there is still a 70% chance I will get hit.
  3. Snorlax, why change the berengers helmets around? Some people like me have selected these items for how they are because of the block and parry with the 2 items on bg guard. Thats kinda silly to switch things around on people who have already invested in these items i.e amped and enchanted..
  4. Only lvl 1 spheres, they are probably farming for their low level character.
  5. Lol.. I got lazy :facepalm:
  6. My highest stealth crit is 1427 on a bat with rogue.
  7. Not only what eisha has pointed out but the fact that hitting someone for 1067 as a druid is not difficult with a good amount of moon, no one uses moon defense on a regular basis so they may as well be hitting a rabbit :search: Anyways, numbers only get you so far. Its about skill and how you use your character. By no means do I consider myself the best druid but I know how to use my character for what I built it for. :wacko:
  8. It has been stated that this is how it is. Also I would like to ask you, why do you complain about fighting a person 1 level higher than you but dont complain about fighting lvl 11-13. What is the difference and how is this fair for them? They waste tickets as well.
  9. Actually I have heard many people wanting paladin and saving gear for them. I choose chosen most likey, mage is my playstyle I think. Gonna probably make that first.
  10. My rogues crit on a bat is 1421. Cant take screenshots unfortunately but come saphire server in bat cave and I show you :tease:
  11. Pots and scrolls work within the 20 second waiting period in which case you are max life and health so cannot use those types. Basically you can only use ones that buff stats. This is where those daily gifts that are useless come in handy :good:
  12. I agree something should be done in terms of having mods maybe but not your idea. Someone could easily abuse that and gather players to vote ban someone they simply don't like. That would be way to abusive of a system.
  13. Yes it does, i believe it is 84 moon and 84 astral, i forget exact value. No other stats but it makes a decent heal staff for a beginner healer.
  14. You get a carved staff for lvl 14 after you beat genie quest. You could also farm a lvl 13 twisted "stave" possibly from genie it self but this can be a difficult option.
  15. :facepalm: endurance and persistance is the same set crossfit, i have a bd with it and i definately get the 400 extra defense. The aventail and the armor provide first set bonus, full set provides both bonus'.. I also have full bg light on druid and use 2 pieces sometimes for the extra life.
  16. I will say xmoonlight as far as arena goes, she is the only bd I do well with and she is a pretty good team player.
  17. Persistance and endurance is the same set, having both will give you 1 set bonus and getting the other pieces will open the 2nd ability.
  18. Edgeshadowwalk


    :shok: Maybe they are about to release update and prepping for it....... Ya right, fat chance I know :facepalm:
  19. Who is this to? Lol.. If to me my post wasnt to you, i never said you said dodge didnt work lol.. Was to alonso. :tease:
  20. Dodge does work with druids. Mine has around 14% unless i use different rings. It works well unless vs someone with higher accuracy.
  21. :shok: Oh..... My........ God........ I'm making an emerald character.... I can't even imagine having a war that huge on saphire... :facepalm:
  22. lol i wouldnt call running and hiding in guards something to be proud of :facepalm: Anyways back on topic... Druids and shamans both can parry, rangers from my friends experience cant. I dont know why that is, im not a dev. From some testing though I believe accuracy does not affect parry and does so with dodge. This is the reason there is limited parry and a ton of dodge outlets. Thats my theory, but no i dont need an apology. Just dont speak on something you dont know about trying to pretend like you do.
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