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  1. Dude your an idiot, I'm not wrong in any way, shape or form. Your a racist moron and you done started this racist name calling way before you made this topic. I'm not pleased with moons actions either but that doesn't mean I won't grill you for being just as bad. What's funny is you said "how do you know how old I am" after eisha called you a 17 year old kid then you turn around and use you being a 17 year old as a defense. Honestly I don't give a shit if your 12, that doesn't change the fact your an idiot racist ♥♥♥♥♥ with no common sense. If you really didn't like the racist name throwing yourself you would have went to the devs instead of creating a topic in forum just to announce your true self. Not only are you a racist but your seeking attention as well.. no little guy I am definately correct about everything I have said about you. I also read your topic as umix as well, funny how you and your "cousin" use the same defense of "wahhhh I'm getting ganged up on" and wonder why. You can stop tripping on your own lies now. You already look pathetic enough.
  2. Or maybe she just wasn't stooping down to your level? Notice how she hasn't thrown a single irracial slur out yet you are constantly calling people chinks. You just make yourself look even worse every time you say something. You should just quit now. You already disproved how much you care about racism.
  3. Lol not everyone sits here in forums all day, maybe they are *gasp* :shok: playing the game :shok:
  4. Nah, there ain't no excuse for this kid.
  5. Who gives a shit what you like? You don't own this forum. If she wants to post here she can, if you don't like it that's too bad. That's why this is a public forum. You ain't no one special.
  6. Basically what your saying is, your a racist, you started some shit with the filipino community, now your butthurt when they defend themself against you and are crying because there is more than 1 that you insulted so you feel as though your being ganged up on. Sounds like your getting what you deserve. If you can't take the heat don't start a fire kid.
  7. Hilarious how much of a hypocrite you are sulti, you get mad over irracial slurs yet you spit them out yourself :facepalm:
  8. Lol as rogue maybe if you had 2 +10 sudden dooms :tease: My new highest as rogue is 1509, single hit.
  9. I wouldn't be so sure on that ;)
  10. Pretty sad blackdead, can't believe you are seriously that type of person. No respect what so ever. Get well soon Desy, we know you can pull through :clapping:
  11. Lol I'm sad, how dare he do such a thing. I don't think I will sleep tonight because I'm -1 karma. Can't imagine -2 :'(
  12. ♥♥♥♥♥ first off ill shut up when I please, second off me being the rogue who wrecked you makes it my "bidness" and ill make whatever "bidness" I want my "bidness" whenever I feel like it. You got a problem with that? Wait don't answer that because I don't give a shit.
  13. Lol I dissapeared because of a skill, you dissapeared because you got wrecked. By the way punctuation and grammar was taught in elementary school.
  14. Seriously devs, its been how long I can't put items into chat? You guys say it will be fixed for 3.0 update and its been like 4 weeks now? How is this fair to us android users? I can't even show people my items for sale. Either bring out the update already or fix this on its own. Also I STILL can't use my touchscreen keyboard on my phone for this game :facepalm: when can I get a setting for it not to default my physical keyboard? I understand that your "busy" with other things like sms payments for your new customers but how about taking into account your customers now who are getting a lil bit pissed off? >:D
  15. Get well soon Patahati. They told us my grandmother was going to die in a few days and she lived for 2 more years. Don't give up hope, miracles do happen.
  16. According to the drop list the russians made, it drops the exact same thing A.A drops. Better to just stick with A.A :wacko:
  17. Damn I still can't find it danio, anyway you can link me a download or email the mp3?
  18. I disagree about harmony in belt, use critical crystal. Healing has crit chance now.
  19. :facepalm: lmao only you dude... Only you...
  20. Danio, what's the name of the song in the "elf cannot move video"? I'm trying to find it using its lyrics on google but I can't find it for my life :facepalm:
  21. Lol good job sulla, he isn't safe any server 8)
  22. Ill leave him alone when he apologizes for deleting 3 of prettypinays characters and somehow compensates for it otherwise he won't be getting any peace from me. Maybe here in this topic I will hold off for respect for the fact this is your clans topic but outside of here its not gonna happen. There is no way you assure that he will leave her alone, that's impossible. He has to make that happen himself. Either way you will figure it out for your selves, give it some time. He's unpredictable. One minute he is cool and the next he is your enemy. You will see.
  23. Ill respect this as long as he keeps his trap shut otherwise I don't think I can comply. You guys should know the truth and that's what is being provided.
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