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  1. I have seen people ruin their skill setup because they are new and inexperienced so I'll give you advice on what skills to upgrade for each class in multiple situations if the class has other uses. You will get 1 skill point each 2 level ups, and 2 skill points instead of 1 on each 10th level(lv10, lv20). To upgrade a skill click: Menu > Character > Skills than highlight the skill and click menu, then choose skill study. Upgrade them in the order written. Btw, Mountain clan & Forsaken are allies. >> First born & Chosen are allies. When i say pure farmer it means Made for killing bosses only, not so good in pvp, slow at questing. It is full support. Suggested to choose normal setup. The suggestion under Shaman/Druid/Necromancer/Priest only applies to them. Mountain clan aka MC: -Barbarian: Strong blow lv5, Charge lv5, Roar lv5 -Rogue: Meciless strike lv5, Gouge lv5, Stealth lv5. Max gouge will help you alot in winning arena, but you will have to learn to time stealth properly because it will last a short time on lvl 1. -Shaman: Normal: Lightning ball lv5, Healing spirit lv5, Blind & Quake lv3. Or Lightning ball lv4, Healing spirit lv5, Blind lv4, Quake lv3. Pure farmer: Healing spirit lv5, Earth shield lv5, Blind lv5(keeps one of the mobs away). Pure moon power: Lightning ball lv5, Blind lv5, Quake lv5. Suggestion: Choose healer gear(Astral magic) not moon gear(Moon magic) unless you choose to be full moon Forsaken: -Deathknight: Thorn of death lv5, Exhalation of darkness lv5, Dark shield lv5(when its effect works it will reduce damage depending on how much defense you already have, so i suggest you get a nice amount of defense) -Warlock: Arrow of darkness lv5, dark circle lv5, Fear lv5. your choice to max fear or dark circle first. I prefer Dark circle first. -Necromancer: Ancient seal lv5, Bone shield lv5, then Poison spittlelv5 or Nightmare lv5, or both lv3. Your choice. Suggestion: Choose astral magic gear, never dark magic gear. First born aka Elf: -Blade dancer: Flash strike lv5, Hamstring lv5, Sap lv5. -Ranger: Power shot lv5, Ranger's blessing lv3, then Scatter shot lv3, then complete Ranger's blessing to lv5, then Scatter shot lv5. -Druid: Normal: Lightning strike lv5, Healing dew lv5, Entangling roots lv5. Pure farmer: Healing dew lv5, Bark skin lv5, Bee swarm lv5. Pure moon power: Lightning strike lv5, Entangling roots lv5, Bee swarm lv5. Suggestion: Choose Astral magic gear not moon magic gear. Unless you choose to be full moon power. Chosen: -Paladin: Normal: Purification lv5, Fetters of justice lv5, Holy light lv5 Pure farmer: Purification lv5, Holy light lv5, Light Aura lv5, -Mage: Fire ball lv5, Illusory chains lv5, Stone shatters lv5 -Priest: Normal: Healing touch lv5, Holy shield lv5, Tears of harad lv5 Pvp: Healing touch lv5, Holy shield lv5, Word power lv5 Suggestion: Choose astral magic gear, never sun magic gear.
  2. Zam

    new here

    die then become a forsaken char :diablo:
  3. best to solo would be priest/necro. choose to play on which side. legion=necro sentinels=priest. the skill build would be, first max your ancient seal/healing touch (the heal skill). then max bone shield/holy shield(their shield skill names), then for necro you can upgrade poison spittle or nightmares after other 2 are maxed. priest: tears of harad(for killing faster) or word power(useful ONLY in pvp, it makes enemy use more of his mp so it finishes faster)
  4. aigrind said that forsaken quests are less, so they need to be longer. also its not hard. if you choose healer then it will take too long cuz healers r weak. but i got my rogue to irselnort in 1 day, 12+ hours of non stop, full focus playing. besides if you tae time to enjoy the story then you won't care if long or not.
  5. he he sold his kidney, half liver, and volunteered to be experimented on :shok: :shok: :shok: :shok: :shok: :shok: :shok:
  6. if that's the case then i hate daggers :blush:
  7. ignore really should prevent being paired up. even if someone ignore me cuz of his stupid logic then glady i dont wanna put my life in such a person's hands
  8. here is how you should use teleport. use chains immedietly after it. it will be very hard to catch mage in a second before use chains. gouge, nightmare and artemesis are not anywhere near as good as stun. u cant hit wtf point of that? also dk stun lasts 3 seconds so doesnt make much difference. and solarheal: go easy on the karma. u seem to take it as your duty to give karma :crazy: and why is ur pic male, but char female :unknw:
  9. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: looks like i was more right about karma than i thought. there r karma wars going on eh
  10. Welcome ;) @am.such.a.moron You can buy from anyone without worry if it can be done in one trade @timeuss I like his previous pic, that toy was cute :blush:
  11. Zam

    Karma system

    tell me the names of your rant topics and on which subject(general, new player, suggestions etc.). i wanna enjoy them :lol:
  12. Snorlax: plz put as sticky. And PLEASE change my name from Zam. i dont know HOW it got chosen. If anyone remembers extra way to scam post it so i add it. thanks BTW people. Karma doesn't mean anything anymore. EVERYONE has a couple of smites from Pvprange. All of which saying: Cry baby, whiner, or a joke. :bad: :bad: :bad:
  13. As you play, you will come across scammers, thieves & liars. Beware of them or you will lose your account or gold. Do not trust them for even a second no matter what they say. Some might say, they work with Aigrind & such. All of it is LIES :diablo: :diablo: :diablo: :bomb: 1. Website advertisers: They will tell you to go to website to get Free :pleasantry: Miracle coins. Or say stuff like "That website works, i tried" -Method of scamming: You go to the site and they tell you enter your Username & Password, or the site is infectd with a Keylogger(Records your keystrokes and sends it to them). Either way, they will have your login info and steal your account. Do not believe whatever they say & do not enter the site because if it has keylogger it will download itself into your device. No such thign as free miracle coins or gift codes exept when Aigrind gives them. 2. Incomplete trades: As you know you have only 5 slots, which hold 10 of the same item each. So 50 of the same item. or 10 of any item per slot. -Method of scamming: You want to buy something for 70x [sign of imperishability], the guy tells you he will give it in second trade. So first you give him 50/70 of the Signs then when you try to give the other 20 & get your item in the second trade he refuses trade and ditches you, keeping the 50 signs you already gave him. -How to avoid: Only do multi-trade buying with trustworthy people, or pay in gold. 3. Fake item: You get a fake item instead of the one you paid for. -Method of scamming& example: You make a deal with someone to buy [Guiding thread hood] for example for 50,000 gold(50k), then you open trade screen with the guy. You put your 50k and he puts a worthless/cheaper item with the same icon instead of the item you paid for. -How to avoid: You can click on Links & Icons to see the item stats. So look at the item he puts up to check if it is the real item you want. 4. Illusions: Item prices in the market -Method of scamming: An item which usually costs 1000 or 1,111. Some people put the price of this item 11,111 so it could seem like it is 1111. -How to avoid: Look at price properly. Btw, if you fall for it you can't put the blae on anyone because it is your own fault and people have the right to put whatever price they want. So Be careful. Same thing when trading, look at the gold you are being paid. 5. Account recovery: One of the things you might be asked to do is tell the Aigrind support team details about your account so they would know it is really yours. Details include: Gear, Gold, Crimson corrundum(cc), Miracle coins, Xp, Level, Other characters on that account. -Method of scamming: The person asks you to link all your gear and asks you questions about your account and stuff. Although a person asking about your gear is not usually a thief, be careful. And don't answer if the person gets nosy, asking about everything & other characters. -How to avoid: Think before you answer, and beware of strangers(don't hate them, just be careful) ;) 6. Bad reputation & Account trading: First off, trading/selling/buying accounts is against the rules and will get you banned. -Method of scamming: The guy offers to sell you his account for example 30k. You give him the gold and he gives you random letters and numbers not a real account. So, you just lost your money. Or you trade accounts with him, and his account is a bad person, with many crimes and scams in his record. So, you trade with him, he gets your safe account and you get his Soon to be banned account. -How to avoid: Don't trade/buy/sell accounts. Also, I repeat: against the rules. And here is a hint: Don't even mention the word "Account" with any of these: buy, sell, trade, money in the same sentence, because apparently that can get you banned aswell :bad: :facepalm:
  14. well i'm thinking maybe if you put dagger in main hand you would have 1.7 second attack rate even with sword in secondary slot or if you have sword in main slot but dagger in secondary you would get 2 second attack rate. Or would you have 1.8 or 1.9 seconds attack rate. If the first one is true it could give you more damage per second with the correct weapon in each hand.
  15. If I equip a dagger & sword, what will determine the speed? Weapon In main slot or their average? Dagger 1.7 sword 2
  16. Now you got this second guy flooding Trade Chat with this: Btw I heard he had his account stolen and now the thief(The free mcoin site) is selling it. I suggest ban both of their IP address. That way even if these website guys try, they can't make new accounts. One more thing, These website guys also make chars that say: "wsmcoin.c0m really works and it Is secure :shok: "
  17. Ok, so this first guy spends his life spamming this as long as he is awake Area chat & Trade chat
  18. Zam

    to admin / GM

    Um I guess there was a bug which have him the set bonus even though not proper set. Now fixed so he lost it. That is my theory
  19. you dont need to "let people know". wont make a difference, they will still gt all 3. :facepalm: All u did was ruin it for people :tease: :tease: :tease: :tease: :tease:
  20. take the mob/boss to a position were he cant be dragged far from his range. then taunt effect over, just lead the boss back
  21. snorlax is right. your first example: trading accounts against the rules so its his problem. your second example: why would you give someone full account info; gold, crimson, points, mcoin, exp, gear.......... the only thing really threatening people's accounts are unjust bans
  22. Zam

    GM help me

    TrySending again with full explanation of Your situation. :bad:
  23. they kill u cuz they dont wanna see ur ugly triangular face, or ur annoying name :D
  24. look dude, forget about the astral effects. u get 100+ hp per heal and that would help a lot. plus, barb with lv5 chop had to sacrifice his roar/charge skill.
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