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  1. Peter, no sense this pic. As i said, priests got their stun, druids got ANOTHER HEAL, amd Bds thats DOESNT NEED DMG will get DPS SKILL. Rangers will kite easy now, mages gonna prevent cc better, palas gonna be more tanky. But shamans will not get their asled stun. Warlocks will not get their pseudo heal. Necros still suiciding using their max hp in most of their skills. Dks doesnt need a lot mdmg, palas has better mdmg skills than dks has. And barbs has chance to stun, amd less dmg than bds (check elasiri vs hassn and will see)
  2. So, u say look ppl crying and complain about skills, but after it u talk about pala skills (im 100% sure u r pala) and thts not cry or complain? We talking about balance, not about skills
  3. Aslo, i think gms created free game for make all ppl free to play, and u can buy things woth real money in game if u want to. But support system getting all dissapointed. Why have "suggest section" if u dont wanna take ideas from there Why make support section if all u say is same. Send an email to our support amd specify ur issues, and wait till we answer (i repeat my old phone ip was blocked for play ws while it was saying acc block, ive sent 4 messages last monrh and still ddmt reply them, so dad gift new phone) Why u donr care less about money amd more about to players who are playing ur game?
  4. I edplain u peter. Rogues can use 2 axes, meams 40% fero Bds can use 2 axes, means same. We can fompare it Rogues hasnt got pure stun, gouge. It brrak if enemy get dmg, or even it can fail the skills amd waste energy for nothing Bds has hamstring, not a pure stun. It has 2 yards and aslo disable u to use skills, while it grtting bleed dot, 300-400dmg 3-4 times. Dif: hams has more dmg in that fact (it aslp can be dodged and fail the skill, but they uave accu&dodge passive) amd has better dmg than bsrbs bleed gonna have in their life Bds will get same extermination skills as rogue Critical diferences: bds has coumter strike while rogue has reflexion. Refflex doesnt work against cs, and cs deals so many dmg, and can crit. Rogues has stealth yea, but bds has rush, can unveal them and chance to stun Bds can weild plate armors ehile rogues leather. Sonic boom deals nice dmg being 2 yards. Rogues has 2 ranged skills that doesnt deal hard dmg.
  5. Are u sure it wont heal same % of hp added? Mean, if 2500/5000 hp, and that skills gives 25%= 3750/6250, right?
  6. Warlock circle dont work like that. It cant stop all if not 5/5, so 3/5 has short duration (2-3 secs) and u will can stop 3-4 elfs, not an army
  7. Silence ismt an stun, i kmow right. But u dont understanding me. Example: that new skill for locks says it may stun if pool dot working. Means, u will get stunned? U will get slowed by that skill? Hex its not an stun, but still cc, coz csnt do skills. So dmg will wprk, but what about silence? Imagine we are using stun crystal. It gonna stun? It wont?
  8. Its afected for pool of darkness amd life exhaust? What about hex?
  9. They just deal burst if they were in stealth. But bds has more burst and more "def" (cs is not a def skill) than rogues without being in stealth. Amd its easy remove stealth from roguesI aslo remember of they use shield and they are woth 5-6k def, u will deal them 0 and he will back u 2-2.5k! If counter work in crit. If not, gonna be 1.2k most times, lowering 1/4 of ur hp making u him 0 dmg
  10. Lie. Priests will get pseudo stun, but they drain ur energy easy.Dhaman has just blind as "stun". Quake was nerfed area range, and not stun. Locks has stuns, but if u get him by gap closer u can hurt him hard if know how. Necros: most of their skills need ot use some max hp. Think about it again
  11. Druids: song, almost (if not, or more) same duration as necro nightmare, but in area. Root: disable 1 to use skills, water ball: nice timing eill make u not use skill, link: even 1/4 will replet ur hp and friend hp, he has another heal tho, he has a tornado. He heas pool of root, dtill can make skills but disable to move (mean, melees got it hard if havent got gap closer and ranged classes get lil hard if druid keep some distance for not be affected by their ranged skills)
  12. Buuuu, they not compare. Just add skills what they want getting low in creativity and ignoring suggest skills ideas
  13. Tank class= mdg? (Bds) Healer class= crowd controll skills (druids)
  14. Rogues asked for a pure stun too. Rogues just have goyge that can be removed easy, even failing the skill, and their just gap closser are jump, amd stealth (remembering u can use stesl if u are not in aggro or u use gouge before it) and still stealth its easy to unveal it, and once u use jump, u dont have another gap closer. I remember most long rage weapons will kite a rogue after he use jump, and i remember aslp bds has more dmg than rogues, barbs gonna evade this debuff and his poison, amd dks has stuns for stop rogues for use skills
  15. Boiz, grimo is already very nice skill, u should try and level up it and silence, i advice u. Fero system will help u a lot, im 490 dmg without yinyang guild buff, dealing like 530 on low resi ppl if not grimo. So, u should try it, u will enjoy
  16. Yes, but i doubt if for example as they did with bd time ago as i said (less chance, more durstion cs) its a nerf, or a sudden buff. If cs stop crit, ot still can reflect magic dmg, still can remove 1/4 of hp in a short even if u hit 0. In chase of druids? Less duration for sleep and less coldown for spam ot more? Or less chance or last longer as bd? For priests? They will clean and heal in area now? Palas? They gonna make sacred shield in area? What about life exhaust of locks? Dont need a change? Drain more?, or more yards (4 Yards unfair) ofc not.., and u can see that beacuse BDS that are TANKS are recievieng DPS SKILL, DRUIDS ARE SUPPOSED TO HEAL, but THEY CAN PERMASTUN DISABLING U TO USE SKILLS AS LOCKS DOES Still, u dont know what "balance" means, as R0land said long time ago
  17. I remember their first "skill fix bd"= less % of reflect the dmg, but last longer" So, if they get coldown skill, who cares? Still many chance for cs, and if they already can be permacounter now they gonna make u perma hamstred
  18. I dont like what gms doing in the game. 1)We all know bds has too hard dmg. Why give them rogue extermination skill? For perma hamstring or? Kill u in 1 sec? 2)Another heal for druids? Because they cant perma stun making u most of time dont use an skill, sp worth it right? 3)Shamans asked for stun, why u heard priests, tht asked for stun, and give shamans extra hp buff skill for use on whoever he want? For last longer? 4) Warlocks get pseudo stun, but it can still get raped easy (dont forget if wlocks fails an stun or u disable him to do skills, locks will die so fast). So why pseudo stun!? Whats the point? U use pool for slow enemy by dot, not for anything more. Lmao look mages, they get anti cc skill, as barbs got. And i aslo remember here there was 1 month ago tht my acc was blocked (phone ip) i sent 4 messages and STILL DDNT REPLY. Dad gift new phone so now i can log in my acc again, but its hard coz all buttons are tiny and most of times i missclick. Getting very dissapointed, now i know u dont understand what "balance" means
  19. Then i think u dunno as well how build pala. Most palas skills has magic dmg as main. And a tank meed a healer for being complete. Look, palas can hesl +1k! In crit, aslo helps druifs and priest to heal more, pala has banner, tht reduce def and aslo deal many magic dmg in area, shield is ussed for cover, like necros shields. Chains reduce enemy dmg and they arent able to use skills. So, maybe, against 1 boss, dk or barb, or even bd is better tank. But if that mobs spawn mobs, or against group of mobs like in technopolis dg, u will really need a pala. Right now, pala is equilibrate, maybe just sun seal should work in boss, but i dont think they need several changes. (im not pala user, but focusing their skills, its even better TANK SUPPORT than all other tanks)
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