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  1. And here goes all drops to only one group of people in game. Dont wanna take names here but it really impartial for others who are playing it. Why only one group or set of people getting drops? U make special drop rates for them? Spamming dgs wasting coins gold time it really making it a worthless game to play.
  2. Lol, so we were just happy about dispelling working on it while it was a bug!!!! Hehehe now it takes even more time to complete that dg as compared to when relic worked🐵
  3. So u mean to say dispelling worked on those mobs because of a bug? And now it will not work?
  4. No clue tbh with u but dispelling not work anymore in that dg, earlier it use to remove the buff iff the mobs to be able to kill the totems straight now u have to kill them to be able to kill totems, i m not saying it without experience have seen it thats why asking to chk, i dont do many dgs so idk if its working with all dgs or not, but i am sure about nadir dg
  5. Oh! Could u please fix the dispelling relic doesnt work in colosieum dg anymore. Is that how its going to be? Or u made it that way?
  6. Can u fix the graphics of an amped shield. Shield doesnt glow according to the lvl of amp on it thanks
  7. Why does the shield not show amp power? I mean if u have 1h weapon with shield it does not glow
  8. Hi revinork, Why do i never get any book or costume drop from dg in any such event? 2x drop rate all i got is common catalyst and other craft items and bars
  9. Why are drop rates so low? Only craft items and copper bars from 50-60 runs dg
  10. @Reivenorik do the drop rates depends on your chars? Just received 2 pc armor since ws bday update. Really my char only receives pots and useless craft resources.
  11. Behave like Obama and not Trump. Mayb you can give that piece of advice to you lil guild mods, i did not lose the argument, u just have support thats why you talk big. Wait for a day when the tables will turn till then i give you that last laugh.
  12. Leave it man, you cant win them! They just over power you not only in game but in forums too. Actually problem is not many legion players are forum friendly. They want respect but dont want to give respect! Wanna ban me on forum permanently. Do it i dont care about you anymore!!!! Because useless keeping your point when no one except you jump into every mind EVERY DISCUSSION, even though not required, Go ban me because I DONT CARE now
  13. Listen dude! Whoever you are, i really dont care, my opinion and this is an open forum, i still remember how u cried on elf side world chats after reading preview post about fetters nerf, i can send you ss because u totally depend on fetters a lot. P.S. this topic was for developers and not for THEMERCS guild members or mods. If i face any problems in game due to unbalanced classes i guess i have full rights to talk about it. Before this update you were way easier for me. Just remember you wont enjoy it for a long time bro:)
  14. Yea coz some pala from sentinetal sides help login your accounts and spam arena for u and you having most broken class on mc side still cry about barb. Get hold of urself terchoborg before even commenting here. And if u really think you can beat pala, why not you and gladiator have a pvp in front of everyone?
  15. Ok if you say u want to keep fetters just remove that new healing skill from pala that gives u 2k heal and increase max hp too. Plus that shield absorbing full dmg, you are just enjoying the most broken class for now and i wasnt talking about 1vs1 this whole point us about group fights. Mayb you forgot u pairing with a full reward lvl 24 druid with war buffs and castle heal pots luring bunch of pro mcs in cave!!!! My point here is not to nerf the class so u stop playing it, my point here is give equally op skills to legion side to counter your op skills:) simple fact Fetter stuns, op heal, shield barrier absorbing full damage what else u need? You want all others to quit?
  16. What combination according to you can beat 2 pala, or a pala with druid or a pala with bd? I will try that and if it works no problem, else you will give skill usage to opponents on fetters? Coz with castle relics on fetters makes the time of fetters too long too
  17. Dk not full stun, locks have window too, charmer stun too dont work sometimes, i m here talking about fetter skills that cannot be dodged and that massive heal like 2k how u expect to win a pvp pala against a pvp barb?
  18. Dear Game Developers i wanted to start this discussion about paladins after recent update, i agree that you all spend a lot of time making skills for each class and try do best in the interest of all!! i had recently been hard on my words talking about the last update coz i could not agree with the update. Surprising how some players cried about skill corrections and you changed it back to what it was. In the initial update you gave skill using ability even if the players are under fetter effect. And now with that massive heal from the new skill how u think any class can defeat them? A full arena druid with castle healing pots and a pala with that massive heal are completely unbeatable in arenas. I suggest that since pala already have max stuns and a heal skill already, why not remove non usage of skill ability even at lvl 4-5. Trust me real server show you better than test and i think all will agree about paladin tooooo much overpowered now. All pvp pala will keep fetters at 4-5 because they do not want opponents to use skills, a player cannot move agreed with fetters but cant use skills thats too much. Me being a full +10 cant survive coz i die in their stuns. I hope we get some positive response from you!!!
  19. You are elf and will remain one and will always take sides!!!! no need me see anything anymore Mc forever😎
  20. You are wrong bro!!!! Elfs did get major nerf but after big tears got it removed, everytime skill update elf cry all over and the nerfs were removed, why is it that elf has a tank class that can tank any boss where mcs cant... see the number of times elm has been killed by elf as compared to mcs. So stop making a fool out of urself by saying mcs got better. Useless skills for so many classes on mcs. Rogues were nerfed big time and no one cared just because mcs dont cry doesnt mean they got better. P.S: we are not in a habbit of crying life elf
  21. The discussion is about skills here not mods or guilds or anything else... simple thing make things more balanced instead of making them a one sided game. All classes happy with their skills except Barbs because crap doesn’t work gud. I guess forum is where we keep our point when we play that class. Some palas and their friends cried nd got back what they wanted😴 Lets do one thing exchange the barb and pala new expert skill or give barbs mass stuns like fetters then see the difference!!!!! Talk about balance do it
  22. Sure bro!!!what you all are not reading is the fact that i also asked developers to give 100% stuns to barbs st higher skill lvls and in addition to it more heal to them from combat fury, except resist which barb skill u think is a tank skill Roar? How about tanking +10 bds and pala in front of a +10 barb! Thy really suck please mske this update more of usefull to each side instead of torture to mc side as always
  23. So we tell @DevsLovesElfs to do it? Reconsider giving 100% stun to barbs and removing fetters effect😇? Who did mercs cried to?
  24. I was just on test server, a bd had 7k hp just with that pala new skill. U should rethink about it moderators, that it very unfair for all other classes or the legion side to become weaker after every update
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